Three things that you should remember, when you visit Denmark on your holiday

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There are a hundred different things that you should know before you arrive in the Copenhagen airport, or you drive across the German-Danish border, but there are some things that are more important than others.

In this article, you will find three different things that you should remember, when you are visiting Denmark, so that you can be prepared for the greatest holiday of your life. You could for example visit one of many different sexshops i Danmark in order to gain a more fun and different experience while in the country.

Danes are generally a happy people

In Denmark you will quickly notice that most people in the streets are very relaxed. There is no quick pace to follow and there are no appointments that everyone needs to rush to.

Danes are recognised as some of the happiest people in the world, which is most of all due to the extensive social security net that is tightened beneath the population and a general focus on creating safe and comfortable work environments.

There are no mountains to find

When you are visiting Denmark, you might decide that you want to go for a hike in the beautiful nature. This is a great idea, but you should now, before you are packing your hiking boots that there are no mountains of any kind to find in the country.

This land is particularly flat, and a hike here will not bring any sort of resemblance to hiking in large mountains which you can do in many of the surrounding countries. A hike in the danish nature offers many things, such as a rich animal life and many places to visit, where the land meets the sea.

It, however, does not offer the experience of mountains.

Danes are a trusting people

When you visit Denmark, you might find yourself strolling down a lane with lots of cafes, where you witness a stroller sitting outside with a baby in, unsupervised, while the mothers are enjoying a cup of coffee together indoors in the cafe.

This is not uncommon in Denmark, as Danes are an extremely trusting people. This is not only present in the streets, but also in the workplace, within their social systems and much more.

This is due to a general trust in their fellow human beings, which brings about a more relaxed and positive attitude in everyday life. 

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