10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gambling in Denmark

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There is a lot of talk about casino games and online gambling but for some reason, Denmark is rarely mentioned. This is a well-developed country that is actually one of the top places for businesses, and that includes gambling. Here we will go over some fun facts about gambling in Denmark. Make no mistake some of the things you are going to see here will surprise you.

Fewer Restrictions Legally Speaking

Denmark has some of the most liberal laws when it comes to gambling. Basically, anyone who receives a license here can open up a casino or online betting platform. Because the market is so liberal these businesses are booming here.

This also opens up a lot of opportunities for foreign companies or business owners who want to be gambling operators in Denmark. They do have to comply with their rules of course and they will need a license for each type of wagering category that has been recognized by Denmark’s regulatory body.

Six Types of Gambling Games

In Denmark, online gambling is separated into 6 categories or game types.

These are:

  • Betting
  • Slot machines
  • Online casinos
  • Land-based casinos
  • Betting on dog and horse racing
  • Lotteries

Each is regulated differently as a separate category, which means the operators with all of these options need to comply with all of the different regulations.

Online Casinos Dominate the Market

Online casinos have surpassed land-based casinos profit-wise. This industry underwent a massive expansion starting in 2012, and it is currently at an all-time high. That being said, this is not only a case in Denmark as online gambling has witnessed massive growth worldwide.

If you wish to play at top gambling sites though just look for bedste online casino udbetaling, which is Danish for best online casino payout. These tend to offer both casino games and betting options, so you will like it regardless of the type of player you are.

State-Owned Online Casinos

Denmark has a state-owned online casino. Its name is Danske Spil and the company basically had a monopoly on this branch of entertainment until the early 2000s’.They are still pretty big and somewhat unrivaled in Denmark, but other operators are also growing which is overall healthier for the market. After all, competition breeds excellence.

Online Casinos are Advertised on TV

Given how other countries are trying to regulate gambling and also prevent it from being normalized this can be difficult to comprehend for some. In the UK there is a lot of commotion if commercials appear during sports events. In Denmark, casinos and sports betting operators are regularly advertised on TV.

Growing Market for Gambling Business

As mentioned the online wagering market boomed in 2012, and the growth was exponential. Approximately the market growth rate was over 150% and it’s still going up. This is a good example of attracting foreign investors, as a developed country.

Living Standard Plays an Important Role

This is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and its citizens don’t have to struggle with problems like unaffordable housing. Given this high living standard, it’s no surprise that this type of industry is doing so well. After all, when all of the main needs are satisfied we spend more on entertainment.

Celebrities are Brand Ambassadors

Online gambling sites and companies are promoted by actors, athletes, and other celebrities. Once again, given the controversy that surrounds this activity, it’s hard to imagine any US celebrity openly promoting this form of entertainment. It just goes to show how the media plays a role in the overall public perception of certain businesses.

No one is saying that gambling problems do not exist, but if the activity itself isn’t perceived as a negative activity, those who have a problem might be more forthcoming about it. Knowing how people will react only causes those who struggle to be dodgier.

Banning System

ROFUS or Danish Gambling Authority allows you to voluntarily ban yourself from this type of content or activities. If you apply your access to gambling sites can be restricted and you can also choose if this is temporarily or permanently.

Information is Readily Available

All of the information about gambling and how it is regulated is available on Danish gambling authority sites. This ensures that citizens can always be informed about this activity and the potential drawbacks it may bring.


To sum up, Denmark doesn’t perceive online gambling as bad as a large portion of other countries in the world. Their approach is that people should know its pros and cons and that they are mature enough to make a decision for themselves. 

This is also a good model for the economy, you don’t need to base it on gambling, but definitely use the potential of digital entertainment or goods, to facilitate growth. An economy that is centered around profiting off of housing, healthcare, and education, creates a massive gap between social classes, which is ironically something online gambling doesn’t do.

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