What do Danes Eat for Breakfast?

It is interesting to note that breakfast joints are not quite as common in Denmark like in the US. For those accustomed to having breakfast in a popular eating establishment, Denmark might just offer a refreshing variation. Danes are known to eat their breakfast at home and having the first meal of the day in a friend’s of relative’s house may be the closest  thing to eating out for breakfast.

Children usually have a healthy fare of cereals such as cornflakes and oatmeal. The available choices are nowhere near the range offered in the US but this is just as well since most Danes prefer eating bread. Some of the favorite bread types include the white loaf called the franksbrød, the baguette, and the croissant. Rolls with cheese or jam is another traditional favorite on the Danish breakfast table. A Danish pastry known as the wienerbrød is a welcome sight as well for Danes who are just starting their day.

Having more time for breakfast usually allows Danes to go for other food partners for the bread like cold cuts, thin slices of raw vegetables, and even chocolate. The kind of local breakfast most traditional Danes have grown up on is a concoction of soured milk, grated rye bread and brown sugar. Uncooked oats with milk or yogurt is likewise a favorite.

Eating food for breakfast will also include the kind of beverage drank. Most Danes will prefer to drink coffee and this bias for coffee is well documented, if you ask the Danish Tourism Bureau. Juices, milk, or tea and chocolate are also drank during breakfast but this is still a minority when compared to the number of coffee drinkers. So what do Danes eat for breakfast?  A whole lot of common sense founded on traditional food choices is one way to answer such question. 


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