The Elderflower Drink of Denmark

The elderflower drink has always been popular in Denmark. This popularity comes naturally since elderberry bushes can be found almost anywhere in Denmark.

Though commercial versions are already available, nothing is quite like homemade elderflower drink or syrup. The cream-colored flowers are not only very pretty to look at but also make a delightful drink when collected fresh and before having a trace of bitterness.


Elderflower syrup is made using elderflower sprigs, untreated lemons with skin, granulated sugar, and food grade citric acid, placed in a large pot of boiling water. The resulting syrup is strained and then placed in sterilized bottles which are best kept in the refrigerator. This syrup can be used to make elderflower juice and tea or mixed with white wine or champagne.

The fragrant flowers are in full bloom from May to June in most of Europe. During the old days of Denmark, the elderflower drink was supposed to ward off evil spirits and provide relief from common ailments. Today though, the elderflower drink is largely a healthy and refreshing drink that happens to be part of Danish tradition.

The elderflower drink is an all year round drink for the Danes. It is so in many homes and in many cafes and bars all over the country. Many Danes who have long lived in another part of the world where elderflowers are not common almost always look for this drink when visiting home. Many elderflower drink recipes have been developed by families, ensuring that this drink will forever be a part of being Danish.

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