What Residents Say About the New Quarters

In recent years, the Danish capital of Copenhagen experienced several major developments especially in terms of infrastructure. The city’s new quarters are just some of them.  These development projects were all very successful and actually contributed to the tourism boom in the capital.

A survey conducted by Capacent for Copenhagen City and Port Development revealed that 91 percent of the residents of Copenhagen’s new quarters are either satisfied or very satisfied with the way their lives are going in the city’s new development areas. Specifically, 92 percent of those living in Orestad and 89 percent of those residing in the new canal quarters in Sydhavnen claimed they are contented with living in the area.

In the past 10 years, development in Copenhagen has focused on the port area and other places with scenic views. This provided a great opportunity for people there to live near the waterfront or in areas very close to nature where there are lots of greenery.

The new quarters being referred to are Orestad and Sydhavnen. Orestad is a new 310-hectare city about one kilometer from Copenhagen’s Town Hall Square. The area is now home to various companies such as the Ferring pharmaceutical firm, organizations, educational institutions such as the Copenhagen University and IT University, arts facilities and shopping centers including Field’s Copenhagen which is the biggest shopping mall in the Scandinavian region. It is also here where the largest convention and exhibition center called Bella Center plus the Bella Hotel now stand.

Orestad is only a few minutes away from the Copenhagen International Airport and 25 minutes away from the Swedish town of Malmo. Situated in the Oresund Region, Copenhagen and Malmo are actually connected by the Oresund Bridge. Orestad is well known for its excellent location as well as its advanced infrastructures

Six new quarters are being planned for Copenhagen for the next 20 to 25 years and these are considered to be cities within a city.

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