Where Do Vegetarians Eat in Denmark?

Vegans and vegetarians may be entertaining second thoughts about visiting Denmark since the country is known for its cuisine and dishes that almost always contain meat. Unknown to many however, there are a lot of options that can satisfy food needs of people who would rather go without meat in their diet. Cafes and eateries catering to vegans and vegetarians now have considerable presence in Denmark, making it a lot easier to get one’s veggie fix without going through so much trouble.

Copenhagen’s first raw bar is 42 Raw. This establishment does not serve food necessarily raw but mostly with food that has been prepared or heated to a maximum of 42 degrees. This is for the purpose of retaining food vitamins and enzymes. Instead of using ovens or stoves, vacuum dehydrators serve the purpose. As much as possible, ingredients are comprised of those that are seasonally abundant.

Botaniq is an organic bar and restaurant that offers vegetarian brunch, snacks, as well as larger meals. Customers will be happy to note that they can treat themselves to an organic cocktail including detoxifying shots. Coffee is served with soy milk or homemade almond milk.

Morgenstedet is another organic vegetarian eatery with an interesting mix of cuisines. The merry mix is a result of a workforce that has been formed in the concept of collectivism and voluntarism. It uses a small white washed house with a quirky combination of furniture that completes the right atmosphere. 

There are several more options in Denmark. One thing is sure, vegetarians will never go hungry in this side of the world.

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