Where to Work Out and Be Pampered in Copenhagen

You’re in luck if you’re visiting Copenhagen and are into fitness, because you can continue your workout routine any time you wish. There are many fitness centers in the Danish capital. Depending on your budget, you have a wide choice on which studio to go to.

Here is our top selection:

SATS Scala – This is the largest chain of fitness studios in the Scandinavian region. The company has so far more than 100 outlets with a number of them located in Copenhagen. With its modern and durable gym equipment in place, fitness buffs can join in one of the many classes available, do weightlifting or circuit training.

Fitness.dk – This company also has a number of centers in the Danish capital city. All outlets boast of new and state of the art television sets built into most of the available circuit machines. Fitness.dk offers various classes as well and has a steambath for use after workout.

Hard Work – This is another chain of fitness centers with its biggest situated in Copenhagen’s shopping mall called Field’s. Exercise enthusiasts can do a range of activities here to tone up their bodies such as weight lifting, fitness classes and circuit training. For those who wish to be properly guided in their routine, there are personal trainers available to assist you.

Health and Beauty Clinic – This place offers an environment fit for relaxing while taking advantage of health and beauty treatments. Using a holistic approach, one can avail of the Bowtech treatment that aims to relieve pain and the Energetic Thought Release therapy that helps in releasing a person’s fears and phobias.

Skodsborg Spa and Health Center – What can be found here are a spa hotel, restaurant, conference center, medical center and a fitness studio. This is ideal for people who prefer to be in one complex while spending a holiday or attending an important conference.

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