Copenhagen is World’s 2nd Best City To Live In

There’s no doubt that the capital of Denmark is one of the best cities in the world. It has great attractions, vast employment and education opportunities, a stable economy and low crime rate, among others.

For these reasons alone, Copenhagen is already a top choice for many people. It is not surprising then that the Danish capital has earned a top spot in the world’s list of best cities offering quality of life. This is based on the findings of Monocle, a British lifestyle magazine that conducts a survey on the quality of life among 25 cities each year. This year marks the fourth year of the Monocle Magazine’s Quality of Life survey.

For this year 2010, the editors of this highly popular lifestyle magazine strongly believe that Copenhagen is the second best city to live in from among the many metropolitan areas worldwide. Their top choice is Munich, the Bavarian City in Germany.  Copenhagen, though, was also on top of the list back in 2008 with Munich coming in second.

Monocle, the British magazine focusing on design and culture, conducts its survey every year based on a number of factors. Editor-in-chief Tyler Brule revealed these factors include social and economic conditions of residents, infrastructure, public health and availability of local transport. Other important factors considered were the presence of world class restaurants, green space per head of population, local entertainment, prompt response to emergencies and ease of setting up a business. In short, to get into the Top 10 list, a city has to be an ideal place to live in peacefully and punctually.

In the magazine’s Quality of Life results, European cities dominated the Top 10 list. The trend is quite similar to the results of another survey which were released in May by Mercer, only that Vienna, Austria, scored the number one position there. 

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