Why Foreign Businesses Should Invest in Denmark

Spotting a potential market is not the only reason why foreign businesses would decide to invest in one country. In Denmark, there are a lot of reasons why this would happen. The reasons are not by accident but rather the result of concerted efforts to make it so. According to The Economist, the Nordic countries are the best governed in the world. Denmark specifically is seen as the country with the most business friendly climate in Europe as well as having the most commercial success on record.

The low level of corruption in Denmark makes the country very attractive in the eyes of investors and why wouldn’t it?No business will say no to business operation that is safe and free from harrassment. Bribery is almost unknown and setting up a business is not made difficult. Documents and permits are typically ready within 5 weeks after business set-up. 

Doing business in Denmark also represents access to the most finacially capable consumers in the world through the countries of the European Union. If it’s a test market business wants, Denmark is able to offer that as well especially with its excellent IT infrastructure. Employees will also be happy to know that those who hold residence and work permits are entitled to access Danish welfare services such as in health and education.

There are a lot of other reasons which make Denmark an ideal business location but it all boils down to offering a conducive business environment both to local and foreign investors. The labor market has a pool of educated and skilled workers. Denmark also takes pride in Copenhagen Airport, the most efficient airport in Europe. Last but not the least, the quality of life in Denmark is exceptionally good which leaves no reason to delay investing in the country.

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