WOMEX World Music Expo in Copenhagen

Music indeed unites people all over the world. Regardless of race, culture, religion, gender and age, music has a major impact on people’s lives.

In Denmark, Copenhagen holds different types of music festivals each year. But this week from October 28 to November 1, it will play host to a highly valued music festival called WOMEX. WOMEX is short for the World Music Expo. This festival which originated in Berlin, Germany is touted as a important professional market of world music. Since its founding in the mid-1990s, this event has gained much popularity and continues to grow.

After Seville, Stockholm and Marseille, WOMEX will finally visit the Danish capital of Copenhagen. This city will be the venue of this world music expo for the next four years. During the five-day festival, not only will musicians be the center of attraction but as well as their managers, organizers, suppliers, music labels and not to forget the fans of world music. People will have a lot to experience all throughout the day and even until night time.

Some activities lined up for this important occasion at the Bella Center are a music trade fair which will feature a meet and greet opportunity with organizers and music producers; conferences; film market at various locations and lectures that will also take up the issue on the music industry’s role in the campaign to fight climate change.

After dark, musical performances will take place at Copenhagen’s Koncerthuset and this is not only for a night but every night during the festival. While there were originally 760 proposals from different artists to perform during the WOMEX events, only 49 were approved. These 49 acts will comprise more than 300 artists from more than 40 nations worldwide.

This is the best time to experience the world’s varied types of music genre mostly the original as performed by some of the most talented and professional musicians that ever graced this world.

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