Aarhus, City of Music

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If you think that it’s only in Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen will you have an art-filled experience, you may have to think again. After checking out the galleries and museums in the capital, you will have to move on to the next largest city in Denmark which is Aarhus.


Aarhus lies on the East Coast of Jutland and is known as the City of Music in Denmark. Unknown to many, this area has a reputation of being a great supporter of art. This is evident in the existence of theaters, museums, art galleries and music spots around the city.

For travelers who love to visit museums, Aarhus now boasts of its Aros Museum of Modern Art which opened to the public in 2004. The museum is distinct for its modern white building and it’s actually one of the biggest museums in the northern part of Europe. This place also has the largest art collection outside of Copenhagen. What you will see here are collections of local Danish and international art that covers 300 years.

And that’s not all because in about one year or two years at the most, there’s a new addition to this museum. It’s a sky space designed by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson.

Once you’ve visited the large museum, you can check out the smaller galleries and handicraft workshops run by the artists themselves. At these places you will find the works of young contemporary artists as well as those known around the world. Displayed here apart from the usual paintings are glass, ceramics, textiles and handmade jewelry.

And don’t just stop there because you can still fulfill your hunger for more art by visiting the music venues including the concert halls and local cafes in Aarhus. The city’s hip hop festival “Aarhus Took It” which is actually the largest in the Scandinavian region was just held last October 9-10 at the Train music venue. Being a city of music, Aarhus never fails to live up to its title.

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