The Best Accessible Attractions In Copenhagen

Best Accessible Attractions In Copenhagen
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Copenhagen aims to become the most inclusive city in Europe and prides itself on the belief that “an integrated city is a better city”. Fortunately, this ethos means Copenhagen is a largely wheelchair accessible city, which people with disabilities and mobility issues can enjoy exploring. So, if you’re planning a trip to Copenhagen, you have a number of amazing accessible attractions to choose from. 

Tivoli Gardens  

Founded in 1843, the famous Tivoli Gardens amusement park is one of Denmark’s most beloved attractions — it even inspired Walt Disney in his creation of Disney World. Tivoli Gardens is located just next to Copenhangen’s Central station and within walking distance of City hall. In addition to enjoying the beautiful, wheelchair-accessible grounds and historic architecture, you may also be able to enjoy some of the rides.

Accessibility of the rides depends on the nature of the ride itself and whether you’re able to get in and out alone or with a companion (Tivoli staff aren’t permitted to lift visitors with disabilities). Staff are always on hand to give advice if you have any doubts or questions, however. 

Christiansborg Palace 

A grand former royal palace and current government building in Slotsholmen, Christiansborg Palace offers rich history, complex architecture, and beautiful artwork. You can tour the Oval Throne Room used by the Queen to greet foreign ambassadors and admire the Queen’s tapestries in the Great Hall. If you have a ticket to the Royal Reception Rooms, you’ll also be given a guided tour of the Palace free of charge. Disabled parking spaces are available and the palace itself is accessible to people with disabilities and mobility issues. 

People with cerebral palsy, in particular, typically have limited coordination, balance, muscle tone, and posture, which requires the need for mobility aids like wheelchairs, walkers, or crutches. Whether you have cerebral palsy or a different disability, you can rent a wheelchair for free at the Palace. It’s also advised to inform staff of your visit beforehand as they can help you use the elevator. The Palace also has several wheelchair-accessible restrooms. 

Den Blå Planet (The Blue Planet)  

Den Blå Planet is the largest aquarium in Northern Europe. It’s split into five different sections each with different amazing and diverse species and habitats — for example hammerhead sharks, octopus, and rays are just some of the creatures you can see up close. The aquarium is also educational as staff are on hand to tell you all about and help identify the various species.

Most of the aquarium is accessible to people with disabilities with all indoor and outdoor areas offering solid, even ground, wide doorways, and ample turning widths. If you need to borrow a wheelchair, you can make a reservation free of charge no later than the day before your visit. 

Copenhagen is a very accessible city. Tivoli Gardens, Christiansborg Palace, and Den Blå Planet are just some of the accessible attractions you can enjoy on your next visit.

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