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Christiansborg Palace Castle
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Located on Slotsholmen Islet, the danish parliament buildings have a pretty grand location from which to conduct their daily business. This beautiful Christiansborg Palace is unusual in that it is home to the government in all its forms! Let’s find out more about the building and its history together.

The History of Christiansborg Palace

There has been a castle on the area since the 12th Century, and over the centuries the building has gradually become home to the governmental functions of Denmark.

Starting in the 15th century, when the administration moved in, through to the mid 19th century when the parliament took up residence there, the building has assured more importance through the years. The current building is relatively new, built in a baroque style and dating to the early 20th century. But the ruins of the previous castles can be toured underground!

Christiansborg Palace Inside

The mixed use building has plenty of space for all its functions. The south end of the building is reserved for the Danish Parliament. The rest is split between areas in use by the Prime Minister, the Royal Family, and the Supreme Court.

Perhaps the most opulent decor is found in the Royal Wing in the Royal Reception Rooms. It is full of exquisite art and historical pieces collected from previous palaces. The Throne Room is particularly striking, and it is here that foreign ambassadors meet with the Queen. It is in the Royal Reception rooms that you will find the Great Hall, which can hold up to 400 guests and is used for banquets.

Little Known Facts about the Ruins under Christiansborg Palace

Denmark Parliament building

Underneath the present day palace lie the ruins of Bishop Absalon’s Castle, as well as the other palaces that stood on the same site. Only when constructing the current palace did builders discover the ruins underneath. The city council took care to restore them and turn them into an attraction that can be enjoyed today.

Christiansborg Palace – Copenhagen Card

Christiansborg Palace is available to visit on the Copenhagen Card! You can tour the Royal Reception Rooms – unless of course there is an official engagement on. You will also get to tour the underground ruins of Bishop Absalon’s Castle and the ruins of the other castles. The Christiansborg Palace Copenhagen Card offering will get you into both, free of charge! Check out the full offering of the card here.

Christiansborg Palace Entrance Fee

The palace compound includes a bunch of attractions. You can visit the Palace Chapel, Royal Reception Rooms, the Royal Kitchen, The Ruins and the Royal Stables.

If you don't have a Copenhagen Card – which gives free entry – you can mix and match your tickets depending on what you want to see. You can also book any number of Christiansborg Palace tours here.

  • The Full Combi Ticket: If you fancy seeing the entire list of attractions, don’t worry about squeezing them all into one day. The combi ticket costs 160 DKK for an adult and is valid for 30 days. Children under 18 go free. The price is about 40% less than purchasing each ticket to the singular attractions separately. 
  • Royal Reception Rooms: Including access to the Great Hall of Tapestries – adult tickets are 95DKK, special rates for students, kids under 18 go free.
  • Royal Kitchen: For just 60 DKK you can gain access to the Royal Kitchens.
  • The Royal Stables at Christiansborg Palace: Also 60 DKK.
  • The Palace Chapel: Free entry during opening hours.

Christiansborg Palace Tower Opening Hours

Christiansborg Palace Opening hours and tickets

The tower at Christiansborg Palace offers amazing views over the area. In addition, it is free to enter! From a height of 106m you will get a great view over the rooftops of Copenhagen. Open weekdays from 11am-9pm, closed Mondays. Sunday it closes early at 5.30pm.

How to Get to Christiansborg Palace

Take the Copenhagen metro on the City Circle Line to Gammel Strand Metro Station. You can also get a bus there too. The palace is about a 20 minute walk from Copenhagen Central Station. Parking is pretty difficult in the area as it is so central – try around Slotsholmsgade if you come by car. But it’s best to park outside the city and use public transport to get in if you can.

Where to Eat near Christiansborg Castle

Fancy a bite to eat around the castle? Then eat in the castle grounds! There is a restaurant in the tower. In fact, it is called The Tower! However if you do not fancy a full lunch you can simply stop by the little cafe near the library. Check the details out here.

Where to Stay near Christiansborg Palace

There are plenty of apartments available on the likes of AirBnB around Christiansborg Palace. But if you fancy a stay in a hotel, you’ll also have plenty of choice. Check out the h27. This hotel gets great reviews. This 1950s inspired design hotel offers stunning rooms and delicious food – and rooms are just over €100 per night!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Christiansborg Palace important to Denmark?

The palace is the central set of all three branches of the Danish government, as well as an important state residence of the Royal Family. The parliament meets here, and the Queen of Denmark hosts state banquets in the Royal Reception Rooms.

Where is the Christiansborg Palace?

The palace is located in Copenhagen on the islet of Slotsholmen. You can easily get to it by metro, and it’s only a 20 minute walk from the main station.

When was the Christiansborg Castle built?

There have been numerous castles standing on the site – dating back to the 12th century. The current building was finished in 1928. But you can still see the ruins of the old palaces underground!


You have no excuse now not to visit! You can also get the entire low down on things to do in Copenhagen here.

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