Best Video Games of 2022 in Denmark

Elden Ring gameplay
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Video games are the all-time favorite for millions of gamers worldwide. Games have been the absolute pleasure during the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the statistics of Steam, thousands of games are released every single day.

That is way too many options for the gamers and good enough to confuse the new gamers. It becomes challenging for newbie gamers to select the best video game from the stack of thousands of games per their requirements.

In the below text, we will take care of your confusion regarding selecting the best games. We have created a list of some of the best games of 2022 in Denmark that will be best for new gamers.

Elden Ring

If you are the one type of gamer who loves unscalable maps, then this video game is for you. This game takes you on an enthusiastic ride on real-life-based maps and landscaping. The developer has ensured to accumulate stronger powers to the gamers as they progress this game.

The video game mapping structure is based on open worlds, and the players can traverse longer distances. The challenges in this game are brutal and will keep on getting difficult with every second. It is a mysterious thrilling ride for new gamers and will take longer to finish.

Elden Ring gameplay

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Destiny gaming sequels have been ruling in the gaming world for the previous eight years. Everything in this version of Destiny has been changed from the earlier version. There are new and graphically more appealing locations in this second version.

Furthermore, new weapons and new powers provided to the players have raised the stakes of this game. The developer has designed a new campaign to make it more interesting for the gamers. The gamers will be surprised when they realize the countless changes made compared to the previous versions.

Lost ARK

Korean games have been making it big in the gaming world. This Korean-made video game is one of those high-grossing games. The diversity of the gameplay in this game makes it stand apart from other games in the gaming realm.

You will get customized options to follow the storyline of this game. Every step by the gamer will yield different results. Thus, this game gives a unique experience to the gamer every time it is played. If you want diversity in the gameplay, you should start your gaming journey with this Korean game.

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Strange Horticulture

This one is a unique video game as it does not include any fighting or action-packed superheroes. The game has been specifically designed for those gamers who love nature and the beauty of its diversity. Your love for plants will mark progress in the Strange Horticulture game.

The gameplay starts from a horticulture shop where there are various plants. The player is the plant shop owner and has to categorize the types of plants per their uses. For instance, there may be some plants that can be used to poison your enemies. Similarly, some plants will carry healing properties.

The story play continues per the gossip of the customers as they reveal the uses of various plants. The game is for a shorter period and can be completed in a few hours. However, it will give you a memorable and thrilling experience of horticulture.

Total War Warhammer 3 SCREENSHOT

Total War: WARHAMMER 3

The gameplay revolves around eight different factions and a far greater map than those in the previous versions. The player gets a greater map to traverse through this thrilling game. The video game sets an ambition in the player’s mindset, and that is to achieve the ultimate target by conquering the game.

Due to this aspect, this game is by far very addicting with its variation in options. The players can choose the faction per their choice, and they will have to fight their way to the top to win the game. This is not going to be as easy as it sounds.

With every passing level, the gameplay will get more challenging. However, the ambitious aspect of this gameplay keeps the players going forward.


This video game is specifically designed for skateboard lovers. The game features colorful graphics and silly characters to lure players into the funny and adventurous game. Despite being silly in the layout, the game will test your skating and gaming skills.

The game pushes the players to their gaming limits and does not let the players excel to the next levels easily. You will have to get the best fingers on the gaming buttons to win this game. It will test all the relevant skills required for a real-time skating competition.

Regardless of the difficulty, the game is thrilling and a must-play for those passionate about skating.

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