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Denmark attracts not only tourists but also students from across the globe. While some come to see the Scandinavian Peninsula, other come in search of the best universities to study.  

English-speaking students find Denmark as a suitable place to further their studies thanks to the wide array of A-class learning institutions to choose from. What’s more, Swiss students get to access tuition-free education.  

As a socially progressive country, Denmark gives students the opportunity to interact with forward thinking individuals from different parts of the world. The exposure the nation provides ensures that each student leaves viewing the world from a different perspective. 

The internet has turned the world into a global village, allowing students to access online help regardless of the university they choose to join. One can easily access an essay for sale in order to turn in their assignment before the deadline.

This together with how much Denmark has embraced freedom of expression gives each student the room to become who they want to be. The conducive studying environment ensures you don’t have to deal with unnecessary pressure because there is always a solution for every problem. 

Here are the best universities for students in Denmark that you should consider looking up. 

best universities student denmark
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The University of Copenhagen 

At the top of our list is an institution of higher learning that’s a well-known research center. Any student would be lucky to be accepted at the University of Copenhagen as it’s an A-class institution that only considers top achievers. 

This premier European university is well known for its excellent performance in humanities and social sciences. It can be likened to other prestigious institutions like the University of Oxford and Yale University. 

While the University of Copenhagen’s main teaching language is Danish, students can also access several English-based courses as they learn Danish for access to a wider selection of courses. You can pursue both an undergraduate and a post-graduate degree at this university and be rest assured you’ll graduate prepared for the job market.

Whether you want to explore theology or experimental medicine, the University of Copenhagen has all the resources you need to succeed. The fact that the institution operates on a credit system gives you the flexibility to take more than one course. 

Many students consider joining the University of Copenhagen because a good number of internationally influential figures studied here. Every thriving and famous alumni of this university is proof that it’s an institution worth its salt. 

Aarhus University 

Second on our list is an institution located on the East Coast of Denmark. If visiting Denmark’s Jutland Peninsula has always been your dream, then you should consider checking out Aarhus University. 

You get to study at a city center and have access to all the amenities you need outside of school. After all, going to college is not about studying and academic excellent alone. You can use your free time to explore Aarhus city and interact with the friendly locals

Aarhus University is a well-established institution that’s among the leading research centers in Denmark. Aside from ground-breaking research, it is also known for its arts subjects.

As an English-speaking student, you will be pleased to know that Aarhus University offers more than 60 English-based courses. Even if you don’t speak Danish, you can find a place in this prestigious institution. 

Whether you want to join the University at the undergraduate or post-graduate level, you will find that it has all the resources you need to succeed. Not to mention that you get the chance to earn a Danish green-card that allows you to stay in Denmark even after you complete your studies.

Starting your career in Aarhus would give you the boost you need thanks to its established job market. 

Technical University of Denmark 

Our list would not be complete without the mention of the Technical University of Denmark. Just 15 KM from Copenhagen, this institution is well-known for providing engineers with the training they need to succeed in today’s modernized market. 

The best thing about this institution is that almost every course is offered in both Danish and English. As an international student, you won’t have to worry about taking a Danish crush course before you join the institution. 

There are undergraduate, as well as Master’s programmes for aspiring engineers and the resources necessary for effective training. You get to sign up for Danish classes to eliminate the language barrier between you and Dane students. 

Joining the Technical University of Denmark allows you to be part of ground-breaking research that has the potential to shape the future of the modern world. As a student with great ideas, the institution provides you with the perfect nurturing environment to ensure you don’t watch your dreams die. 


Denmark is not only an ideal tourist destination but also an excellent place to further your studies. The great learning institutions here have designed programmes that accommodate international students whether or not they speak Danish. We hope that this list will help you choose a suitable institution to further your studies. 

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