Prostitution in Denmark: Is It Legal & What You Should Know

Prostitution in Denmark
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Prostitution is partially decriminalised in Denmark, with the thinking that it would be easier to control a legal trade.

Some elements of the trade however remain completely outlawed – including the collecting of profits from brothels and any task that could be construed as people trafficking.

When Was Prostitution Legalized In Denmark?

The semi-legalisation of the Denmark sex trade occured in 1999.

Since then, further directives have been issued to control the aspects of the trade that remain illegal, including clampdowns on brothels and those expected of running rings for sex trafficking in Denmark.

Essentially, it remains illegal to make any money from the sex trade as a third party- this includes those facilitating “meet ups” or providing facilities.

Prostitution In Denmark Facts Every Tourist Should Know

Those partaking in engaging the services of a prostitute within the Denmark sex trade must be at least 18 years old.

Laws about prostitution in Denmark

And, because it is partially decriminalised, the prostitute has to register to pay VAT. Remember too that the running of brothels is illegal, so you should not visit a brothel in Denmark.

Prostitution laws in Denmark look less strict than in other countries such as Sweden – where it is completely illegal.

But bear in mind it is heavily regulated and there are numerous government activities underway to ensure that the rules are being adhered to.

Make sure to not fall foul of the law in any way and respect the Danish prostitution laws.

What Is The Denmark Red Light Area?

In Copenhagen, you can find a red light area in the Vesterbro district, particularly around the train station and near the Istedgade.

Just don’t imagine anything to the scale of that found in Amsterdam. The red light scene is there, but it’s not exactly right in your face.

Prostitution in Denmark average salary

You may seeinly not as pronounced as it might have been in the day of yore some activity if you are exploring the hip Vesterbro area, but it is certainly not as pronounced as it would have been in the days of yore when sailors thronged the town.

How Many Prostitutes Are There In Denmark?

Local authorities estimate that there are probably around 3200 to 5500 prostitutes in Denmark.

The vast majority of these are found in Copenhagen. In recent years, it is less common too to find prostitutes on the streets of the city.

That’s because the vast majority advertise their services now online to secure business.

How Much Do Prostitutes Make In Denmark?

The average cost of a prostitute in Denmark is around €150 to €200 per hour or more.

However, the prostitution cost in Denmark varies enormously depending on the level of service provided.

Some high-end escorts can charge up to $1000 or more per night.

Prostitution In Aarhus Denmark

Finding prostitution or the cost of a prostitute in Aarhus is a little more difficult than in Copenhagen.

Prostitution in Denmark Facts you need to know

But it is always possible to engage in services of escorts online on many different websites.

It is no longer necessary to go to a red light district or Denmark brothel to search for a prostitute.

Prostitution In Denmark Copenhagen

Since the majority of prostitutes are centered in Copenhagen, this is the area that sees the most activity.

The red light district is around the main train station and Vesterbro. Here you can often see Copenhagen prostitutes during the day and night.

It is also possible to book Copenhagen prostitutes online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about prostitution in Denmark.

Is prostitution legal in Copenhagen Denmark?

Prostitution is semi-legalised. It is possible to access services, but profiting from the activity is not legal and there are strict protocols in place to ensure people trafficking is not occurring.

How much can a prostitute in Denmark earn a year?

With rates of up to 200 or even 300 euros a prostitute in Denmark can work a few times a week and earn an average salary.

How much is a prostitute in Denmark?

Prostitutes in Denmark can start from €150 to €300 an hour.


The sex industry in Denmark is a little different to that in the Netherlands, but now you know the drill.

Check out the great things to do in Denmark away from this industry on our website, and book a tour for some of Copenhagen’s best attractions.

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