BioM : An Eco-Restaurant Right Down to the Walls

We have heard of restaurants serving eco-friendly dishes and observing eco-friendly ways of preparing dishes. It is not common however to hear about restaurants that take the eco sense to its limits. The Restaurant BioM in Copenhagen is a very good example of an eating establishment that takes the task of taking better of the world quite seriously.

Its main attraction is its all-organic food which is very enticing to health-conscious and eco-conscious people. Even the beverages are made from organic ingredients. Customers are assured that everything they put in their mouth fits the eco standard. No pesticide-ridden ingredient will ever be used to cook food ordered in the restaurant.

But what’s this we hear about taking the eco way of life being applied right down to the walls, chairs, plates,toilet paper, and just about anything used in the restaurant? BioM has indeed set the new standards of eco-firendliness in a business establishment. Not merely stopping with the food, customers are assured that they are using things made from recyclable or organic materials only while inside the vicinity.

One very interesting fact about the restaurant’s aim to go all-natural is its use of organic wall paint. If restaurant management is willing to go this far for something that is not usually scrutinized by the most avid follower of eco-living, then customers can be assured of the degree of attention placed on the very food that it serves. Every foreign traveler should try this place at least once when possible.

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