How to Follow Euro 2020 in Denmark

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The European Championship is one of the continent's biggest footballing competitions and is arguably the second-biggest international tournament behind the FIFA World Cup. Every four years, it sees national teams from many of the planet’s most successful footballing nations go head to head in a winner-takes-all format. 

This year’s Euro 2020 tournament will be a bit special. Not only will all the big names you’d expect be taking part, but UEFA has decided to host it across the continent, rather than in one or two host countries. 

So if you’re a football fan in Denmark, here’s everything you need to know about following Euro 2020.

Where Will Euro 2020 be Hosted?

2020 marked the 60th anniversary of the first European Championship tournament. So to celebrate, UEFA has decided to host Euro 2020 in 11 different countries. For Danish fans, this means Copenhagen’s Parken Stadium will get to see some of the action. It will be hosting Group B games alongside Saint Petersburg in Russia. 

This means Danish fans will have the opportunity to witness two home games, with the first against Finland and the second against Russia. In March 2021, it was announced that at least 11,000 fans will be permitted in the stadium.

The other cities hosting games are:

  • London
  • Rome
  • Baku
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Seville
  • Bucharest
  • Amsterdam
  • Glasgow
  • Munich
  • Budapest

Which Teams Could Win Euro 2020?

All teams that enter the group stages have a chance of winning, though in reality, only a handful are strong contenders. The current favourites are France, England, Belgium, and Germany, with Denmark about one-third of the way down the bookies' list. 

This doesn't overly matter though; as any England fan can attest, it can be painful watching your team get knocked out of tournaments like the European Championship, but it can be great fun just cheering them on. That's why many English “superfans” will travel anywhere in the world to support their nation, soak up the party atmosphere, and just enjoy being part of something bigger.

There won’t be quite as much of a festival atmosphere at Euro 2020 as stadiums will be hosting fewer fans. They will also be spread right across Europe, so there won’t be one central place for fans to gather and celebrate together. 

How to Watch Euro 2020 in Denmark

Some Euro 2020 games will be available through DR, meaning everyone in Denmark can watch at least part of the tournament for free. 

However, if you want to watch all 51 Euro 2020 matches, you’ll need to pay. They will be available through the Viaplay subscription service, with packages starting at 199 DKK. Streaming will also be available throughout the EU if you find yourself on the move during the competition. 

While this isn’t ideal for those that want to watch for free, it is much cheaper than what the dedicated football channel in Denmark charges for a year. 

Of course, being in the EU also gives you access to the digital single market, which means you’ll also have access to streams from other broadcasters in the bloc. If you are not specifically looking for Danish commentary then this may be a good option for you. 

Where to Find More Info About Euro 2020

Of course, a lot will be happening on the pitch during the tournament, but just as much will be happening elsewhere. If you’re following Euro 2020 closely, either because you’re a big football fan and/or you’re looking for betting insights, you’ll also want to get news of developments like injuries. 

Thankfully, the internet makes this really simple, with plenty of sources in both English and Danish. The UEFA website will be one major source of all official information throughout the competition, while media outlets like the BBC, ESPN, and DR will be covering all of the latest news from Euro 2020. 

If that’s not enough, be sure to follow key people on Twitter, including players, managers, and journalists as you’ll often get information and gossip faster this way. 

Euro 2020 Fantasy Football

In 2016, UEFA organised an official Fantasy Football game which was a massive hit among fans. They will be doing the same in 2020, with entrants given a hypothetical €100 million budget and tasked with selecting 15 players for each matchday. 

These 15 players include three forwards, five midfielders, five defenders, and two keepers. You’ll be able to make changes at set points in the tournament, though restrictions on how many you can pick from each club will vary throughout each stage. 

Players with the best real-life performances will score more fantasy football points. They will be awarded for playing that day, making assists, scoring, and keeping a clean sheet, though they can also lose them for getting booked, conceding goals, or missing penalties. 

While the official Fantasy Football game will have an international public leader board, it is also a fun way to challenge friends over who is better at predicting the outcomes of matches.

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