Computer gaming may soon become a sport

Around the world, computer gaming is a very popular activity especially among young boys, teenagers and even men. This particular activity is so addictive that many parents have complained about their boys being hooked to their computers for longer hours.

In Denmark, there’s a proposal brewing to consider computer gaming a sport in the future. Should this eventually become a reality, surely numerous computer nerds will be rejoicing.

The country’s Liberals which are on the government side and the Social Democrats which belong to the opposition have finally found a common ground with this issue. This is not a usual occurrence as both parties don’t frequently agree on many things. But with computer gaming, there’s hope that they can reach an agreement.

The proposal pertains to a pending media industry agreement to consider computer games as a real sport to be known as e-sports or electronic sports.  The spokesperson of the Liberals, Ellen Trane Norby revealed that gaming is actually already considered a sport in other countries. The Liberals have committed to providing funds in the computer game industry through the proposal while the Social Democrats for their part pointed out that e-sports also have similar qualities to that of the real sports that involve physical activity. Both parties believe computer games are becoming a major culture media today notably among children and adolescents.

Currently, South Korea is the top country for computer gaming where it is considered a real sport. Just this December, the World Championships in World of Warcraft took place in the capital of Seoul with Dane Thomas Glinski winning the bronze medal. The 21-year-old player agrees that computer games are indeed a sport because of the long hours of training involved. He said that although there’s no physical activity involved, players need to be fast thinkers and with good computer skills to be successful.

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