Cool Down with Ice Cream in Copenhagen

It’s hot in Copenhagen! Thinking of ways to make your summer cooler? Why not eat ice cream! This sweet and cold treat that melts in your mouth and cools you down in its own unique way has always been a hit among both kids and adults.

There are various ice cream shops around the city that offer all kinds of ice cream depending on your personal taste. Whether you’re a health buff, a lover of homemade ice cream or prefer a mix of different flavors, you have a wide choice once you set foot on the Danish capital city.

Siciliansk Is – This is the place to go if you’d like to taste real Sicilian ice cream. Situated in Skydebanegade, the ice cream here is made from organic milk and well selected ingredients. The hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and pine nuts used in the ice cream are imported directly from Sicily.

– Named after its founder Rasmus Bo Bojesen who’s famous for his fine chocolate, the ice cream at this shop boasts of a fine and strong taste.

Ice a Bella
– This is the best ice cream shop to go to if you’re a diabetic, vegetarian or person with allergy. The shop’s ice cream is low in sugar but available in different flavors.  They’re made from Italian ingredients as well and have a unique taste. This ice cream parlos is located in the Bella shopping center.

Den Gyldne Bonner – Ideal for the health conscious people, the ice cream offered here has less than 5% fact content. Major type are the sorbet and milk-based ice cream.

Paradis Is – If you like fresh ice cream all the time, this shop is strongly recommended. The ice cream selections here are always made fresh every day. Try the famous chocolate flavor made from a mix of sweet, light cocoa and the strong dark cocoa.

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