Copenhagen Zoo: The First Stop When In Denmark

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Polar bears, monkeys, elephants and hippos – these and more are what’s in store for you when you come to visit the famous Copenhagen Zoo. If you are in it for the wild ride and the experience worth keeping, then this zoo is definitely for you.

This famous zoo offers about 3,000 animals in their care. There are about 264 plus species. From animals that are endemic in the area to those that come from your favourite animals from tropical countries, you can find them all here. The whole area of the zoo expands to about 1,500 square meters of rich and healthy rainforest.

If you are travelling with children, you’d be glad to know that they have a children’s zoo area. This is the part where your kids can pet the animals. They can feed the birds or the elephants even. The zoo has dwarf goats and other farm animals they can see in books. They can get close to these animals and that’s something that they will never forget. Did you know that they have animal grooming stations too? That’s totally cool!

And then there is the Arctic Ring and the Elephant House too. The famous designer Normal Foster designed the newly opened Elephant House. It is considered as one of the top rank elephant facilities in the world. Apart from allowing visitors to have a closer look at what the animals are doing, the facility makes sure that the animals are given enough comfort as if they were living on their own in the wild. The facility includes a pool where an elephant can dip its whole body in.

The Arctic Ring is where you can get close to polar bears. You don’t have to travel to the Arctic to be able to experience them. They house Arctic birds and seals too. If these do not convince you to visit the Copenhagen Zoo, nothing will. Just get there and enjoy!

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo

Nothing can be more fun for kids to adults than a visit to the Copenhagen Zoo, as you will be treated to many different things that you will remember for a lifetime. One of the things that many people forget is how much fun a zoo can actually so today let us take a much closer look at the Copenhagen Zoo and all that it has to offer a visitor.

Most people when they first thing about a zoo animals come to mind and the Copenhagen zoo has a vast amount of those as well. When the zoo was first opened you would have seen animals such as eagles, seals, foxes, owls, ducks and probably some chickens. This was many years ago and now you will be able to see many more animals than the first visitor got to see. Today's Copenhagen Zoo has recently built a new Elephant garden, which was designed by the famous architect Norman Foster, and he has received many awards for this new design and place for elephants. Right now the gardens hold seven elephants and is a very popular attraction at the Copenhagen Zoo. It does not end there though as this is the only zoo outside of Australia that has a Tasmanian Devil in captivity, which should speak what kind of zoo, this is.

The Copenhagen Zoo is the most visited Zoo in Denmark and also is one of the oldest in Europe. It was started back in 1859 by Niles Kjaerbolling so it has had a very rich tradition and that continues today as well. In recent years the Copenhagen Zoo has been working to implement more programs in partnership with other Danish Zoos, which will help it grow even more, and the other zoos in Denmark as well. The Copenhagen Zoo has many different animals for people to see and young to old will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere that a zoo does give you. More and more people are finding out that a zoo is a low cost alternative to the more expensive amusement parks today. Give the Copenhagen Zoo a try and you will certainly have a good time checking out the animals and probably learn a thing or two in the process as well.

Copenhagen Zoo Welcomes Autumn

Copenhagen Zoo

It’s the autumn break and one of the best ways to enjoy the season with your kids is a visit to the zoo. When in the Denmark capital, head to the Copenhagen Zoo and find out what’s in store for you and the whole family during this season.

The Copenhagen Zoo is open every day during this half-term and this year’s theme is focused on the preservation of nature. Rightly so as the city will host the first United Nations Climate Change Summit very soon.

In line with its theme, the zoo is also undertaking programs for the conservation of animals. The programs are similar to those being implemented in the different parts of the world to help maintain the rhinoceros, the golden-headed lion tamarins and tapirs. These animals still exist at the Copenhagen Zoo.

Every day, there are specific activities lined up. These include training of the sea lions, feeding of the carnivores, lion tamarin, baboons, chimpanzees, Pampas animals and tapirs, information packed lecture on the lives of rhinos and animation of the musk-oxes.

There are lots of photo taking opportunities while at the zoo so go ahead and take the best shots of your kids with the animals. It’s something they will treasure until they grow up to be adults. And if you think you’ve taken some best photos, you can even join the yearly photo contest that will run until October 31. Who knows your picture may just be lucky to be chosen as the winner and you can win great prizes.

The Copenhagen Zoo, built in 1859 and one of Europe’s oldest, can be reached by bus or by bike from the central station. It has a petting zoo which kids will surely enjoy and an Elephant House designed by famous British architect Sir Norman Foster. There’s also a Savanna that features a Hippopotamus House where visitors can see the hippos underwater.

Copenhagen Zoo Summer 2013 Activities

copenhagen zoo

The Copenhagen Zoo is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in Copenhagen, being one of the oldest zoos in Europe. Today, its most popular sections are the newly built Norman Foster Elephant House and the Arctic Ring exhibits.

While the zoo is open all day every day of the year, it would be a good idea to note the special summer activities lined up at Copenhagen Zoo so that you can schedule your visit to make the most of it

The good news for those planning on visiting the zoo this summer is that it is open till 8pm every day. If you want to see special activities though like chimpanzee feeding, having the elephants come in the house (they are usually just glimpsed from afar in their outdoor enclosure), and bird feeing in the South America Aviary, then Friday would be the best day to visit. Special reptile viewings are done every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but then again, why settle for just one special activity in a day when you can see so much more during Fridays? Of course, there are lots of regular activities lined up every day for visitors.

The Children’s Zoo is open to kids for meet and greets with mice and rodents, pigs, and milking cows everyday. There are also presentations on reptiles and snakes every day as well.

For those who opt to buy season tickets, special exhibits and lectures are also lined up for the summer, with upcoming events like the “Zoo Behind the Façade” evening tour on August 18th and so many other exclusive activities for September.

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