Danes Help Themselves to Ice Cream

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It’s getting warm in Denmark even though it’s still the spring season. The weather is not only hot but humid as well. So what then is the best thing people can give themselves for a treat on a hot and dry weather? Something cold and sweet, perhaps? Why not?

What do you have in mind? Right, ice cream. People just love ice cream and the Danes are no exception. In fact, Denmark achieved a remarkable record last year all because of the love for ice cream. It is no wonder why ice cream companies in Denmark are now experiencing a big boost in their sales for the month of April alone. Although no exact figures are available yet, all vendors of ice cream there admit April this year is their best month ever in terms of sales.

The weather forecast for Denmark for the coming weeks is going to be warm and sunny. For this reason, shops and supermarkets are expected to continue their positive sales record.

Meteorologists say Denmark had an extremely sunny weather this April 2009 with only about eight millimeters of rain recorded in March. One meteorologist, Peter Tanev, further explained that when summer is already being felt, Danes love to do things associated with summer and one of them is treating themselves to ice cream.

Crisis or no crisis, the Danes will always desire for their favorite sweet treat. This applies to both the young and old. The general manager of Paradis, a well known homemade ice cream brand in Denmark, strongly agrees.

The year 2008 also provided ice cream retailers with positive sales. A total of 52.9 million litres of ice cream were bought by Danes for that year alone. This record made Denmark as the third ice cream loving country in the European Union after the Swedes and Finns.

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