The Danish Politics

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Denmark is known for being the country where happy people live. In the recent research studies, Danes have been found to be the happiest people on earth and for very good reasons too. And yet when you look beyond the sights, the shopping strip and perhaps even the local culture, you will find out how the Danish Politics itself makes the Danes very happy.

The Social Democrats have been the most popular and the ruling political party in Denmark. Since 1924 until 2001, this party has remained to be the most powerful. Their years in positions have practically given them all power to lay down the foundations of a state that puts the welfare of its working class ahead of everything else. The party has ensured that all the citizens of Denmark would be able to enjoy social services when they need it. These services have been well-funded, ensuring that every Denmark citizen will be able to enjoy life with their safety net ready to catch them.

Danes are known for the big risks that they make. It is not because they are fearless, but because they are confident that the social services offered by their country will be ready to help them live a decent life in case they fail. Denmark can be best described as a socially mobile society. Everyone gets to do what he or she wants while their government await for when they need help.

State-funded education is perhaps one of the best gifts that the Danish government could provide its citizens. Women get up to a year of paid maternity leave, which is exactly how long it takes for a woman to adjust to the challenges of motherhood. Denmark has got the lowest crime rates in the world. Perhaps it is because the citizens do not feel like they are not getting what they deserve.


After this, you might want to live in Denmark like everyone else. True enough. You do.  

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