Is Denmark A Country For Raising My Kids?

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Being a parent can be very challenging. You only want your child to have the best that the world has to offer and raise kids in Denmark can be a good choice.

And yet apart from that, the struggle is how to teach your child to survive the world and all the complexities that come with it. At the end of the day, every parent only wishes to raise kids that are not only content but are truly happy.

Picking a country where you intend to raise your kids can be quite tough. You think about their safety and their security. You think about the opportunities, the learning environments and you think about how they would feel. Perhaps all of these reasons lead a lot of parents to thinking about where the happiest people live – Denmark. Is Denmark really the best place to raise kids?

Here are a few reasons why you would want to consider Denmark:

  • Denmark holds the record of having the happiest people in the world and this is all because of the fact that the country itself has taught its people to appreciate everything that life has to offer. It is all about looking at the bright side of things every time.

  • Denmark also has the lowest difference in social economic status. Everyone gets their fair share in the social services offered by the government. That would be something that you would want your kids to experience, at least in this lifetime.

  • Denmark is a county of beautiful sceneries. One could not help but find themselves in awe whenever they get a glimpse of its countryside. The museums in the city also make up for the art education needs of your kids.

  • Denmark is also bountiful when it comes to good food. It is a mixture of everything that’s healthy and delicious. Plus their pastries are definitely one of the books.

The next time you think about Denmark and raising kids, you might realize that it is the best combination there is!

Taking Care of Kids in Denmark

take care kids denmark

People who have been raised in countries where competition even among kids is very strong will probably get culture-shocked when they decide to live in Denmark and raise their kids there. In Denmark, the emphasis is on developing a child's social life more than the academics. But the fact that the country can still boast of excellent educational standards just shows that the system is working.

The law makes it possible for parents to raise their kids in an atmosphere of security and independence. Childcare options for kids six years old and below are available to ensure that parents can go to work with the least worries about their children's safety. Day care centers are manned by approved childminders. Nursery facilities are able to accept kids from six months to two years. There are even special daycare facilities for children with reduced physical and mental capabilities.

Although these services are not provided for free, the rates are capped to be not more than a fourth of the rates charged by municipal institutions. Financial subsidies are likewise offered to parents in a certain income level. Childcare options are used by all regardless of economic levels.

There is also much attention given to healthcare. Babies are expected to be visited by a nurse at home. Regular check-ups with the doctor is a must. Working parents are allowed to stay at home with their sick children with the first two days as paid off-time. The government actually does provide every reason for parents to attend to their responsibilities.

Four Fun Educational Destinations for Kids in Denmark


Want to take your children to a place where they can not only have fun but also learn something interesting? Then go beyond the Tivoli and Bakken amusement parks and have a look look at our lesser known top choices.

Experimentarium – This is a unique science Denmark museum located in the capital city of Copenhagen. Officially known as the Centre for Information about Natural Science and Modern Technology, it is an activity center focusing on the environment, health, nature and technology. Established in 1986, the museum aims to show to people how man, nature and technology are interrelated.

Tycho Brahe Planetarium – This is a center focusing specifically on astronomy and space research and natural science in general. Right here, kids can view the famous IMAX films featuring all of nature – land, sea and space. As the films are shown on a dome-shaped screen, young people watching them are given the experience like they are part of the action.

Fregatten Jylland – This is a ship museum where children can learn about the history of ships which are an important part of Denmark. The complex features the Prince Henrik’s Hall where exhibitions are held, a boutique and café. This year, two exciting and educational activities have been launched for children – The Discharge Book and The Treasure Map.

Museum of Danish Farm – Called Hjerl Hede, this open-air farm museum shows how a Danish village developed from the 1500s to the 1900s and how people lived and worked back then. Here, you’ll see a forge, a school, an inn, mills, a dairy, grocer’s shop and farms. More than 50 buildings are in place but the major attractions are the Old Village, the Jutlandic Forestry Museum and the Museum for Peat production.

The Best Family Tourists Spots in Denmark


Planning to go on a short vacation to Denmark with the entire family? Do not worry about taking the kids with you and boring them the entire trip. Denmark is definitely ready for your kid. They’ve got theme parks and the best attractions only the kids and the kid at heart will love. Denmark is not considered as the most frequently visited country of families that go on a vacation for nothing. From outdoor adventure to interactive museum exhibits to the best theme parks that offer unadulterated fun, Denmark is indeed the place to be.

Here’s a list of the top kid-friendly places in Denmark that you must definitely visit:

  • Tivoli Gardens. There is nothing like it in the world. For all those visiting the Copenhagen for the first time, this place is definitely a must-visit. It’s a walking distance from the famous City Hall. From the fresh flowers and amazingly huge trees, this garden will remind you of how clean our world can be.
  • Bakken. There may be a lot of theme parks all over the world but the Bakken must definitely be in your bucket list. It is located just north of Copenhagen. It is the world’s oldest amusement parks but it remains to be one of the best. This amusement park is already 431 years old, but because it is well-maintained, it still is the best that the country has to offer.
  • Legoland. You must have been to other Legolands, but this one in Denmark is the first and the original. You can see your favourite lego characters and those movie icons that have been legolized. It has all new attractions for 2015 that features the best of the best in the world.
  • Copenhagen Zoo. This should definitely be in your list of must-visit places in the country. Hippos to elephants to flamingos, they’ve got it all for you. It is located in Frederiksberg area. Every visit to this zoo is always exciting and wild, not to mention very educational too.

Now, which place should you visit first? Just make sure you’ve got the time to visit all!

Favorite Kid-Friendly Tourist Spots

kids denmark

It is always a joy to expose children to wonderful attractions and to bring them to new places every now and then and especially when the budget fits. One reason why Denmark land has been frequently visited by families is because of the existence of great attractions where kids can really have a grand time.

If you’re planning to bring along your kids to Denmark land any time soon or next year, there are several highly recommended places you should include in your itinerary. Other than showing to them the real statue of the famous Little Mermaid, there are other exciting places worth visiting at a minimal fee.

The Experimentarium

In the suburb of Hellerup, check out The Experimentarium. This is a science museum where kids can get their hands on various experiments. More than 300 experiments are being showcased here which guarantee a worthwhile discovery experience for your little children. Some of these are the sound and magnetism pavilion, barefoot crawl and the Sensation Zone.

If you’d like your little ones to see wild animals up close, then don’t miss the Copenhagen Zoo which is one of Europe’s oldest. With an estimated 1.3 million visitors each year, this place is one of the famous tourist attractions in Denmark land. Apart from just viewing the animals, kids here can try riding on a pony, watch a cow being milked or touch a snake and other people-friendly animals. There’s also the Elephant House where visitors can watch this very large animal do its thing.  

Finally, bring your kids to the Copenhagen Harbor Swim Baths, also called Copencabana,  for some splashing and swimming in clean water. If this is not enough, head off to the Amager Strand Park just 15 minutes away from the capital for a real beach atmosphere.


Culinary Habits Of Kids In Denmark

culinary habits kids denmark

Did you know that kids in Denmark generally keep a nutritious and healthy diet plan. Of course, they too have their share of soda, milkshakes, sweets and other delicious treats like other kids around the world. Perhaps the only difference is that the daily meal plan that they have include the more traditional Danish cuisine that are definitely healthy.

The typical Danish breakfast include a good serving of yogurt, cereal and bread with either jam or cheese. The breakfast meal is also not complete without that slice of fruit and a cup of tea, juice or milk. Looking at this alone, one could say that the Danish breakfast is definitely a pack of everything that is healthy. It is enough for a young kid to last the whole day packed with energy he needs.

Most kids bring packed lunches to school. Usually, kids bring sandwiches with them. Parents prepare the sandwich with a slice of ham or salami for their kids because it is very easy to prepare. Not only is it practical, but because sandwiches can be a good source of nutrients too. When that slice of ham or salami comes with a slice of tomatoes and fresh lettuce, the simple sandwich becomes a complete meal in an instant. Alongside this sandwich is either a slice of bread or cucumber or maybe even pickles.

In the afternoon, Danish kids usually enjoy slices of fruits to refresh them after a day in school. If kids are a bit lucky, they get a slice of cake for a treat. However, most Danish parents prefer to serve their kids with a glass of cold milk after school to help strengthen their bones and relax them too.

For Danes, dinner is the most important meal of the day. Not only should it be served hot, but it should be a complete meal with a good source of carbs, essential protein and vitamins and minerals. Most of the time, Danes enjoy a pasta dish with a healthy serving of meat and veggies. On some nights, they enjoy slices of pizza too.

If only kids in the other parts of the world follow the culinary diet that Danish kids live by, they would be a whole lot healthier. 

Kids Enjoy Biking in Denmark

kids love bike

Most kids love to bike. And those who are so eager to bike learn to do it fast. That’s what kids are. They are so full of energy and biking is one of their favorite activities.

Fortunately, kids in Denmark have a full support system when it comes to biking. With a bike system in place, they can continue their love for biking even until they grow old. In fact, a research done by the University of Southern Denmark has confirmed that children who pedal their way to school are nine percent more physically fit than those children who are driven to school by their parents.

Statistics from Denmark show that 45 percent of all children bike their way to school. Just last September when the new school year opened, more than 140,000 children went to school on their bicycles. It was part of the nine-year-old campaign called “Bike to School” which recorded the most number of participants this 2010.

The campaign is aimed at promoting the bicycle as a means of transport in going to and from school. The organizers behind the Bike to School say they want to encourage the habit of biking at a young age. They believe that doing so will enable the kids to continue with this exercise and transportation habit until their adulthood.

Biking is not just a past time in Denmark but it’s a lifestyle. This simple form of transportation is popular among school children, adults, retired people and even among corporate executives and government officials such as the Parliament members.

Here are some statistics you may want to know about the cycling lifestyle in Denmark.

  • Every Dane covers an average of 1.1 km every day through cycling
  • 16% of all trips are on bicycles
  • 17% adult males and 36% females bike to and from work or an educational institution
  • Cycling is most popular in Copenhagen and Odense

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