Denmark: A Glimpse of the Happiest Place in the World

In the first World Happiness Report from the United Nations in 2012, Denmark was named one of the happiest countries. The report presented different factors that affected a person’s happiness such as income, social support, generosity, and life choices. Happy people live longer according to the report’s conclusion. They also earn more because of their increased productivity. It is quite simple but a great pride for Denmark to have this kind of recognition.

Trust and Happiness

It is not actually surprising that Denmark topped the UN conference sponsored report since it has been in this league back in 1973. The European Commission set a Eurobarometer for evaluating the issues that affected its citizens. In another individual study by Professor Christian Bjornskov, it shows that happiness makes people more trusting, which is evident among the Danes. They also have that sense of self-esteem to do something on an issue that bothers them. Moreover, being happy like Danes allows them choose the life they want therefore increasing satisfaction in their life. Their attitude towards money is also different compared to other countries. They spend it mostly on socializing with other people rather than buying cars or houses.

Secure and Balanced Life

Living in Denmark offers a balanced time for both leisure and work. Denmark is a place where there is a strong respect for its society thereby creating a strong emphasis on personal freedom and the chance of fulfilling their individual potential. The country is a family-friendly society where people can enjoy different cultural activities and easy access to nature, sports, and beaches. The cities are bicycle-friendly and environment-friendly as well. It has a low crime rate that children can roam freely and walk themselves to school. Denmark also ensures that there is free education and healthcare for all people. In public debate, Danes are not very predominant in terms of cultural and religious discussions.

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