Also known as West Zealand, the Vestjaelland County is the largest in the Sjaelland Region. This county with more than 20 municipalities is located on the Midwestern portion of the island, and has a land area of about 3,000 square kilometers. Vestjaelland formerly had its county seat in Soro, which was founded by Bishop Absalon, the one who established the national capital of Copenhagen As of the year 2006, more than 300,000 people lived in the Vestjaelland County.

The Odsherred Kommune or municipality is one of the largest in Vestjaelland, as it was formed after the merger of several smaller municipalities. After this merger, Odsherred now covered a land area of more than 350 square kilometers, and the population was 33,000. One of the mentioned municipalities was Dragsholm, which is located near a place called Lammefjord. According to sources, Lammefjord is the lowest point in Denmark, with a distance of about 7 meters below sea level.

In general, Odsherred is a good place for families who like to enjoy the outdoors, especially the sun and surf, as there are many beaches along this area. Visitors to this municipality are encouraged to go horseback riding or even biking along the trails to get a better view of the lush landscapes. There are great venues for angling or fishing, swimming, yachting, and even facilities for tourists who like to play golf.

What other attractions are there in Odsherred Kommune besides the beaches? Of course, many tourists visit a place to get a feel of its history, and you can do just that with the many museums, monuments, and churches that dot this municipality. You can see the Lumsas Molle or old flour mill, the Fire Museum, Kulturhistoriske museum, and Trafikmuseum, featuring old cars, rail cars, and taxicabs. There is also the Odsherred Zoo, where you and the family can view exotic animal species from all over the world.

While in Vestjaelland, you may also want to visit the Kalundborg Kommune, which was also formed after merging smaller municipalities in West Zealand. This commune has a population of over 20,000, and the first mentions of this place were in the mid 12th century. Here you can visit more museums to satisfy your craving for more Danish history and art. In the Beurup Clogs Museum, for instance, be amazed at the largest clog on display in Northern Europe, which is more than 2 meters long. You may also find art museums, automobile museums, monasteries, churches, and monuments in the municipality of Kalundborg.

A popular spot to check out in Kalundborg is a lake called Loch Ness, where many visitors like to picnic and relax in on warm days. The lake is said to be home to dozens of species of wild ducks and geese, making it a good venue for birdwatchers, too. For more nature tours, you can visit the Asnaes Forest, which is divided in to several points, each with its own charm. You can find a deer park, seaside retreats, and lush forests in this area. 

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