Eight Great Organic Restaurants in Copenhagen

Are you health conscious? Lot of exercise, stay away from vices and eat healthy food? If you’re one of the many health buffs living in Copenhagen or you’re just visiting the city, you have every opportunity to enjoy Danish and international cuisine made from organic ingredients. By organic, it means grown naturally without the use of chemicals.

Noma – This is the top restaurant not only in Denmark but around the world. It offers dishes made from local organic products and has, so far, inspired many other restaurants in Copenhagen to do the same.

Geranium Restaurant – This is a fully organic gourmet restaurant headed by chef Rasmus Kofoed, declared as the World’s Best Chef at the Bocuse d’Or 2011.

Herman Restaurant – This is situated within the Nimb complex and serves exquisite Danish classic cuisine.

Nose2Tail – This is a newly opened gastro pub situated in the meatpacking district. As its name suggests, this pub makes use of every part of the animal to avoid any waste.

BioMio Restaurant – This is an organic restaurant that can accommodate up to 250 people. The food is not only organic but delicious and affordable as well.

Den Okologiske Polsemand – This hotdog stand is for the fast food lovers. It uses organic pork or beef in making hotdog and fried sausages. You can also order organic side orders and drinks to go with your hotdog sandwich.

Soupanatural – Located in Norrebro, this offers organic and healthy Vitaminas or the so-called smoothies as well as cocktails to go.

HarboBar Café – Situated on Blagardsgade, this café provides organic coffee and cupcakes. At night, this place becomes a bar that offers still organic beer, wine, cocktails and schnapps.

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