Five Interesting Facts On The World’s Oldest Amusement Park

Dyrehavsbakken or simply Bakken to the local Danish residents has been in existence since 1583. This more than 400-year-old amusement park came about as a source of enjoyment and leisure for the Danes.  But unlike in other countries where this type of park used to be set up temporarily in an area, the Danes made theirs a permanent one to provide endless fun and excitement to people young and old alike.

  1. Did you know that Bakken can be traced back to 1583 when Kirsten Piil discovered a natural spring on the the site? Reports have it that the park’s water was found to be in rich in minerals and it was even considered to have healing powers. As the word spread about this, people eventually started going there particularly during the summer to get water as a cure for their illnesses.
  2. As its popularity increased through the years, the Danish Royalty got involved and contributed further to its development. King Frederik ordered the construction of a zoo in the area in 1669.
  3. His son, Christian V, later on started bringing in acrobats and other types of entertainment. He also ordered the expansion of the park’s boundaries five times than the original area. At that time the Bakken Amusement Park was most famous for the freak shows featuring various deformities in humans and animals, the Chorus Line and the Cabaret.
  4. The business owners in the park are still called “tent owners” today. They formed one of the Denmark’s first trade associations in 1885.
  5. This famous park now attracts more than 2.5 million visitors every year and while the old rides still exist, some of the most modern rides have also been added to Denmark’s popular park to provide more forms of entertainment to people.

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