Recipe: Æblekage

Here’s an interesting and uniquely Danish approach to apple desserts. Is it a pie? A cake? A pudding? Whatever you decide, this special treat is sure to please!

1 cup fresh breadcrumbs
½ cup white sugar
½ cup hazelnuts
1 pound cooking apples
1 lemon
3 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons caster sugar
1 egg white



Recipe: Frikadeller

Is it a meatball? Or a meat patty? Whatever you decide it is, the Danish Frikadeller always makes for a delicious snack, or can serve as a hearty addition to any meal. These tasty pieces are also quick to make, and can be easily adjusted according to taste. This recipe yields 15 meatballs (or patties), and is best shared with friends.Ingredients: •    350g of extra lean beef•    150g of extra lean pork (get it as lean as you can possibly go) •    1 egg•    8 tbsp breadcrumbs […]


Risalamande: Recipe

It’s sweet, creamy, and nutty, and the best thing you’ve ever tasted on a chilly Danish Christmas evening. Risalamande, despite its Frenh-sounding name, translates into “rice and almonds”. It is a sweet rice porridge made with almond extract and served with hot cherry sauce on top. […]


Good Mornings Start with Danish Breakfasts!

Any seasoned traveller or backpacker can tell you that one of the best ways to really get to know a countryand its culture better is through its food. And why not? Food contains a large part of the heart and soul of a country or region. It takes the best ingredients the land has to offer, combines and prepares them to delight the palates of the coutnry’s people. Breakfast, in particular, is a great way to experience how a country wakes up and prepares for a fll day ahead, and what better way than to go native? […]


What the Danes Drink

It is no secret that Danes like to drink but while other European countries are known for their beers, there are more varied selections of alcoholic beverages in Denmark. Drinks are as much an integral part of the Danish tradition as are the different types of food prepared for the many holidays and celebrations. […]


Enjoying Smorrebrod

A sandwich is a sandwich – but not in Denmark, where it is a symbol of Danish pride and culinary heritage, a staple that has evolved through time and still lords it over every table inside or outside the home. Smorrebrod (pronounced as “smur-er-brewth”) is at its basic form an open-faced sandwich made with buttered rye bread and an assortment of toppings, called “paalaeg.” It is said that the sandwich dates back to the 17th century when farmers and workers would pack lunch baskets with bread, butter and typically sausage or smoked fish. […]

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The Best Restaurant in the World

Surely they must be doing something good over at Noma restaurant in Copenhagen for it has been named “The Best Restaurant in the World” by Restaurant magazine for three years in a row. Only eight years in existence, Noma (which is a combination of the Danish words “nordisk” and “mad” translated as “Nordic food”) has been getting rave reviews for its innovative and organic New Nordic Cuisine. […]


Copenhagen Cooking Festival

The capital city of Denmark is a gourmet and gourmand’s paradise, more so when the Copenhagen Cooking Festival rolls around every August. For ten days every year, the city plays host to thousands of chefs, restaurateurs, producers and traders in food and beverages along with foodies as they come together to celebrate the best of Nordic culinary traditions and developments. […]


Danish Cheeses

Denmark has a long tradition of making cheeses dating back to 3000 B.C. when records of acid cheese production by farmers have been noted. The Vikings were also instrumental in developing the cheese production process by making rennet cheese and introducing it to the locals. Then there were the monasteries that further improved the cheese making production. […]

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