The Islands of West Zealand

The western part of Zealand, Denmark’s largest island, offers a breathtaking array of islands and islets that are the epitome of natural paradise. The diversity of the landscape in the islands is also remarkable – from clear-blue waters and scenic beaches, hilly terrains and amazing fjords and forests. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban living, here is an introduction to the idyllic spots in West Zealand.
Sejero. Located in the municipality of Kalundborg, this sunny island which dates back to the Ice Age covers an area of 22 sq. km with several small beaches that are perfect for swimming especially in the summer. A ferry from Havnso gets to Sejero island in about an hour. There are no historical buildings or man-made structures to marvel at, but what the island has in abundance are unique flora and fauna species. In Sejero you can find the Black Guillemot, a rare species of bird.
Nekselo. Also accessible from Havnso, the Nekselo island is considered a protected area and as such can only be explored on foot. Much like Sejero, it is also known as one of the sunniest places in the country and for being a haven for rare species of plants and animals such as the fire-bellied toad.
Agerso and Omo. Both located in the Great Belt, these unspoiled green islands can be reached by taking a ferry from Stigsnaes. Make no mistake though – there is so much that can be done in these islets. There are guided tours that can take visitors to the scenic places as well as hiking and biking trails for those into outdoor activities. Worth visiting are the Agerso Mill and the Langelaendergarden farm shop in Omo.

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