Orestad Unveils New Sports Centre

Denmark boasts of active participation in various sports. Whether in basketball, football, golf or swimming as well as other extreme sports activities, this Nordic country has carved a niche in the sports world. And to support this endeavor, a new sports center has been inaugurated last Friday in the capital of Copenhagen. 

Crown Prince Frederik did the honors of inaugurating the sports center called Plug N Play. With an area of about 25,000 square meters, this wide space will feature football fields, a parkour park which will be one of the world’s biggest and the first roller skating area of international standard in Copenhagen.

Situated near the Vestamager metro station, the Plug N Play sports center will not require membership as it will be open for free to the general public. This urban space is meant to encourage people to use the facilities once they’ve been put up. In turn, this is expected to help improve city life in the southern section of Orestad.

The idea behind this Plug N Play sports center is that it will only be temporary initially in Copenhagen from 2009 to 2014 and then will move to other vacant or urban development areas in Denmark land.

Currently, the area already houses the Urban Gardens and Mountain Bike Dirt Jump which the public can also use. Other activities there being planned include beach volleyball, street basket, barbeques and sunbathing.

Behind this urban development project are the CPH City & Port, Orestad South residents, sports associations and the Nordea Fund which has allocated 3.150 million kroner for the construction of the speed skating track alone. The CPH City & Port Development in cooperation with the City of Copenhagen are committed to creating vibrant city districts that are not only attractive to live and work in but with a favorable environment and diversity for the people as well.

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