Our best tips to explore the danish football scene

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People’s interest in football varies vastly. As an example, some people tend to stick to their favorite and their favorite team only. Others however, have a broad interest in football and different football teams around the world. For both types of football lovers it would still be a great idea to take a trip to Denmark and experience danish football.

This could either be to accompany and cheer on your favorite team in a match against a danish team but it could most definitely also be to explore the danish football scene, going around having a taste of local club histories and fandom spirits. 

Getting to and getting around in Denmark

A getaway to Denmark is not a hard task. Generally, you can easily catch a flight to the airports situated in the danish capital, Copenhagen. From the airport, you have train lines taking you to the heart of Copenhagen. From here you can either choose to stay or continue your journey in Denmark. Denmark has formidable options for public transport and you can find a place to stay in almost every city.

Every city big enough to have a football team in the best danish league, will without a doubt have a hotel for your stay.

When preparing for a game, you could look up some Premier League odds, if you want to keep yourself occupied. When betting online there are tons of options for you to bet on. You can bet on teams in the Superliga or teams from your favourite league. It is a fun activity since both knowledge and coincidence decide if your bet is successful. 

danish football scene

Away game in Denmark

If your team is playing an away game against a danish football team, it is typically in the Champions League or Europa League.

The teams most likely to qualify to these international leagues are FC København, Brøndby IF and FC Midtjylland. The first two are based in Copenhagen, and are easily reached if you are also landing by plane and staying in the capital city.

FC Midtjylland and other football clubs likely to qualify to international leagues are placed on the island of Funen or Jutland. If your team is playing an away game here, you could choose to fly to airports like Billund Airport or Aalborg Airport. 

You have most likely bought your ticket long before your trip but if you decide to wait until game day you are not to worry. Tickets for the football game can be purchased online but if you prefer to pay in cash you should notice that Denmark has its own currency. So remember to get a hold of some Danish kroner. 

Danish football clubs

The danish football scene is surely different from others you know of. The support of the fans is typically more subdued but also smaller in size. This could be because of the humble ways of the Danes or because Denmark is not a very big country. Some people say that the calmer football culture of the danes is caused by the lack of financial funding of the club. I

t is however still possible to experience some real spirit and intriguing club histories, when looking at rival teams such as FC København and Brøndby IF. When the local derby is on between the two teams, both spirits and tensions are high. There is no doubt that a great football experience in Denmark is awaiting you. There are also other local derbies less well know to international football. These derbies stand between clubs as FC Midtjylland and Viborg FF or the clubs AGF and Silkeborg IF.

When visiting a danish football stadium, unless it is the national stadium Parken, you will rarely be blown away by the size or the facilities but this only contributes to the character and charm danish football. 

Have a chat with the locals

When visiting Denmark you are guaranteed to be able to talk to the locals, since the Danes are generally very good at speaking English. However, they might be a little shy but they are always helpful and if they happen to be interested in football they will gladly have a chat or friendly football discussion with you. If you are chatting up a danish sport fan at the football stadium remember to do so with the typical stadium cuisine.

While simultaneously enjoying a grilled sausage and a draught beer and discussing danish or international football, you can ask the locals for tips on things to experience in the area specific. If you are in Copenhagen, you probably already know of the most common tourist attractions to visit before, after or between games such as The Little Mermaid statue or one the world’s oldest amusement parks, Tivoli.

However, if you find yourself in parts of Denmark less visited by tourists you might need assistance from locals to find and experience more unknown attractions. 

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