Popular Actors and Actresses of Danish Descent

Looking at many of the famous Hollywood actors and actresses, it would probably be difficult to guess that they are of Danish descent. Looks and physical features are not much of a give-away. Neither are actions and diction because all have managed to become “americanized” as one could possibly get. Only by looking into their family lineage will most people be able to confirm that they indeed descended from a Danish ancestor.

The name Viggo Mortensen may sound foreign alright being born of an American mother and a Danish father. Although born in New York City, Viggo’s family lived in Venezuela and Denmark before settling in Argentina. He actually held various jobs in Denmark before returning to the US to pursue an acting career.

Scarlett Johansson was born from a Jewish mother and a Danish father. Unlike Mortensen however, she has lived all her life in the US and has not been known to have taken residence in Denmark at any given time. She describes herself as Jewish.

Leslie Nielsen was the child of a Welsh immigrant mother and a Danish-born Constable of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He was born in Canada. His inspiration to act came from his uncle-actor although he was quick to admit that they did not have the benefit of knowing each other well.

Janet Leigh traces her Danish ancestry from her maternal grandparents who were Danish immigrants. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis is included in the list being the child of Leigh. Leigh was the epitome of a Hollywood glamour girl. 

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