Denmark Facts – Interesting Facts about Denmark Every Visitor Should Know

Interesting denmark facts
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Are you traveling to Denmark soon? Before you jump into the plane and get the dream Denmark vacation started, here are some Denmark facts that are good to know.

Facts about Denmark – What Danish People Are Like?

Trusting and helpful – these are the two best words to describe Danes people. Dane is the terms used for the people who live in Denmark.

While they may be a little bit reserved at first, they can be easy going when you get to know them. They are open minded and are described by many tourists as “easily humored.”

Ideas on how to enjoy Denmark

Facts about Denmark people

Danes are people who always look at the bright side of things. If you want to survive a few days in Denmark and enjoy your vacation, here are a few ideas about Danes to help you out:

  • Go ahead and make the first move. Since Danes are a bit more reserved in the beginning, all you need is to say the first hello. Soon after, most of them would be friendly, approachable and even helpful.
  • Danes are straightforward and at times may say a bit more with all honesty. They do not mean to hurt you in any way. They just avoid superficiality and all the hype that comes with it. They can be very outspoken and fun-loving all at once.
  • Danes are people who love discussions. They are very open to speaking their mind. As young as they are, they are encouraged to speak their mind and ask the questions that in some cultures may be taboo.
  • They are always one time. While they may be easygoing and enjoying hanging out, they also respect certain rules of formality. For example, Danes are very punctual people, so if you are meeting with them, make sure that you are on time.

Being a foreigner in a new land can be quite challenging. Perhaps the best thing about being in Denmark is the fact that more than 80% of the total population speaks English very well; thus language won’t be a barrier.

And yet being a foreigner is also about opening yourself to new learning experiences. It is rewarding and you can definitely make it exciting.

Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Denmark

Denmark Facts

Perhaps knowledge of these could help you make your stay in Denmark even more interesting.

Interesting Denmark facts #1

Danish men choose to marry late. In fact, among all European men, Danish men are the latest to get married. Most of them focus on work and are too engrossed in finding a fitting career where they could succeed. On average, Danish men get married at the age of 32.

Interesting Denmark facts #2

Denmark is a country that comes as a group of islands. There are about 443 islands in Denmark and yet there are less than 76 of these islands remain inhabited. You could only imagine how nature’s wonders help keep these inhabited islands more beautiful than it already is.

Interesting Denmark facts #3

If you’re wondering how old the flag of Denmark is, then you’d be surprised to know that it is the oldest in the world. As an independent country, its flag has been used since 1219. You weren’t even born at that time yet.

Interesting Denmark facts #4

Several studies have been conducted that named Danes as the happiest people on earth. According to Cambridge University, among all Europeans, Danes find themselves in the happiest disposition in life.

Interesting Denmark facts #5

Everything is Denmark might come off as a little expensive for someone who has visited countries in Asia or maybe even the US. However, Danes are able to survive this because it has the lowest income inequality across continents.

These five facts about Denmark and Danes will help you see through Denmark in a different light. Perhaps after your trip, you might even adopt their happy disposition in life.  

Danish Facts – Composition of Danish Demographics 

History Danish

It is always interesting to know the demographic composition of any country a traveler wants to visit. This information can give an idea of what to expect about the people that are bound to be encountered in any trip.

Although such information is not an absolute indication of anything about behavior, attitude, or beliefs, it can serve as a guide with regards to respecting existing practices and cultural observances.

Denmark’s present population is still largely of Danish descent comprising about 89%. This would refer to residents who have at least one Danish parent or of Danish citizenship. The remaining are mostly immigrants from neighboring Nordic countries like Norway and Iceland as well as other countries like Germany, UK, and Poland. 

Ethnic Minority Groups Historical facts about Denmark

There are several ethnic minority groups that have been identified to have established residence as well in Denmark.

These include:

  • the Inuit
  • Turks
  • Arabs
  • Vietnamese
  • Jews
  • Chinese
  • Pakistanis
  • Iranians

They are all pretty much allowed to live their lives in Denmark without interference from the government with regard to specific cultural practices. Denmark has been known for the longest time to be very tolerant of differences in culture.

There are also several ethnic minority groups in Denmark having some form of historical significance. The so-called domestic Germans living in Denmark hold Danish citizenship but still identify themselves based on their original citizenship as Germans.

The Faroese and Greenlandic people of the Danish Realm hold Danish citizenships unless they have inherited foreign citizenship. The Romanis living in Denmark, also known as the Gypsies, also have historical ties with the country.

Getting to Know The Happiest Country in the World

Danish people

Beating Bhutan to this prestigious term that anthropologists use, Denmark has recently emerged as the happiest country in the world. It is for this reason alone that you would be encouraged to come and visit the country. You know you’ll be greeted with smiles.

Whether you are traveling for leisure or for business in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, you’d be glad to know the many reasons why you should come to visit the place.

Denmark Facts about speaking the language

More than 80% of the total population of Denmark are able to speak English. There’s that sigh of relief. You don’t have to worry about having any form of communication problem  or language barrier for that matter. You can go through daily plans without worrying about not getting help from someone who speaks English.

Danish Facts about summer vacation

If you are up for an exciting summer vacation, then a visit to the free state of Christiana might do you good. This so called state of social experiment has become the home to a lot of artists and free-spirited individuals who survive by choosing to do what they want. From historical buildings to organic beer, you will enjoy the many vagabonds of the world.

Facts about Denmark

Danish people are used to pairing their dishes with their favorite wine, a popular tradition in Italy and Rome too. Did I mention the succulent taste of the Danish cheese? To get a taste of these amazing treats, you better get your travel plans to Denmark fixed right away.

Denmark Facts about Hotels

The designs of hotel rooms in Denmark are truly exceptional. It is not about the lights or the rich culture they put into it. The Danish design is all about creating beautiful yet functional pieces. Whether you are a designer looking for inspiration or a tourist up for an adventure, you will love the Danish designs and everything that comes with it.

When you’re thinking of where to go, all you need is to tell yourself to go to Denmark and be happy. There’s just a lot you can look forward to on this trip. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Denmark Facts

What is Denmark known for?

Denmark is know for helpful, open-minded and trusting people.

What is Denmark famous for?

Well, there are about 443 islands in Denmark. However, less than 76 of these islands remain inhabited.

Also, Denmark is famous for being the happiest country in the world – according to studies.

What continent is Denmark in?

Denmark is in Europe.

Where is Denmark?

The Kingdom of Denmark is a country in Northern Europe.

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