Sommerland Sjaelland

Sommerland Sjaelland is a fantastic summer park filled with loads of fun for the whole family.  Located northeast of Copenhagen, Sommerland Sjaelland is easy to get to by car and even by bus, since the park has its very own trainstation nestled right in its very heart.  The 2012 season opens on May 17 and continues throughout the warm summer months.  With more than 60 rides, animals to see and feed, trampolines and bouncy castles, a jungle tour, shooting water cannons on a pirate ship, and even a competition to become sheriff, this is one summer vacation the family will remember for a lifetime.


Tour the Amazon with your family and enjoy rafting with crocodiles and meeting the natives of South America.  The Blue Lagoon is certainly a highlight of Sommerland Sjaelland, with seven water slides and a 17-foot free-fall, water guns, and the giant bucket.  Silver City will take you into the wild west where you will have to watch out for pirates shooting from their water canons and where the gold mine is calling.  The family can also enjoy the mini playland, climbing trick, and the fantastic candy factory, where you can make your own lollipop and watch the magic that is candy-making.


For those who want to spend a few days playing and having fun, there are overnight accommodation available, including comfortable cabins or camping for those who wish to have it a little more rustic.  For those who prefer a hotel there are accommodations nearby and there are also hostels for those who are on a limited budget.  The park has children, senior, and group rates to ensure that everyone can come and enjoy everything they have to offer so for summer fun look no further than Sommerland Sjaelland and watch your family have the time of their lives.

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