Top 3 Organic Restaurants in Denmark

With the green movement in full swing today, it’s just fitting that everyone should do his part in supporting this important worldwide campaign. Taking action to help preserve the environment will not only benefit the present generation but even the future generations to come. And what better way to contribute to this worthy cause than to go organic.

Organic refers to the use all natural ingredients that nature provides and without the chemicals. In Denmark land, organic food products are in demand with a big part now being exported to other countries. Dairy products make up the most important organic products on the Danish market.

When it comes to food, several restaurants are now going organic in this Scandinavian country. This means the dining establishments use high quality natural ingredients that are not only good to taste but healthy to eat as well.

If you’re a lover of anything organic, and most especially great tasting food, there are several restaurants in Denmark you may want to try. Head off to Copenhagen where most of the top rated restaurants abound.

The ParadIs on Vandkunsten is known for its ice cream. This is the place for those with a sweet tooth as they will surely not forget the delicious ice cream served here and the friendly service provided by the staff.

The Kalaset is situated on Nansensgade still in the capital of Copenhagen. This restaurant is best known for its burgers. If you’re a vegetarian, you can try their veggie burger called falafel. Kalaset is also popular for its brunch that features side dishes such as potatoes with rosemary, French fries and cheese. Being an organic restaurant, all ingredients are sourced from bio farms. Inside, the place promotes a cozy ambience with its vintage theme using furniture that dates back to the 1950s and 1960s.

Check out also the Ammonite café and restaurant. This place is on Stengardsvej in Borre.

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