Top 4 Unusual Ways To Stay In Denmark

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Maybe you’ve traveled so many times already and would like to have a change of atmosphere in the place you’re staying, lets go for unusual ways stay Denmark !

So much for the usual Denmark hotels situated in the city centers. If you’re planning for a Denmark vacation, you can experience unique holiday accommodation in several unique places.

Unusual ways stay Denmark : Stay On The Water – Boat Hotels

For travelers who love the view of water, the hotel boat in Copenhagen is highly recommended. This first floating hotel of the Denmark capital called CPH Living opened in 2008 and is located right in the middle of the harbor. Being surrounded by water is a surefire way to relax your mind and body. The city can also be viewed from this floating hotel.

CPH Living Boat hotel in Copenhagen

The last lightship of Denmark called Fyrskib XXII is also an ideal way to enjoy the harbor surroundings. Built in 1911, this lightship provided light to the coasts of Denmark and moored for the last time in 2006. It has since accommodated visitors who love the sight and sound of seawater and its lapping waves. This is situated in the frigate harbor of Ebeltoft which is also the location of the frigate Fregatten Jylland.

Go To Prison – Den Gamle Arrest

 When you’re in Ribe, the oldest town of Denmark, you can experience the prison atmosphere at the Den Gamle Arrest. This place used to be a prison which was converted into a hotel. Staying in this place will give you a nice view of the inhabited stork’s nest, which is the only one in Ribe and the old town centre. The courtyard garden is another great area to unwind while there.

Fit For Royalty – Castle Hotels

How about a taste of royalty? Sure, you can experience this at several castles, country houses and manors in Denmark land which are open for overnight visitors. This is a great opportunity to find out how it feels like to live in a castle with historic environment. The name to look for is Danske Slotte og Herregaarde. This Association of Danish Castles and Manor Houses has more than 50 privately and state owned estates in Denmark.

Danish castle vacation

Staying in one of these out of the usual hotels will definitely give you an unforgettable Denmark holiday experience so make sure to spread the word.

Unusual ways stay Denmark with Ship Cabin Idea on Land through CABINN

unsual ways stay denmark

CABINN Hotels One of the biggest concerns of travelers is usually the accommodation cost. Obviously, this is because it tends to use up a large chunk of the travel budget since it is always proportionate to the length of stay and the personal standards of travelers. This calls to mind the need to find accommodation which will fit in with the budget while not necessarily sacrificing peace and comfort.

In Denmark, one engineer by the name of Niels Fennet thought of using the concept of ship cabins converted into hotels. He got the idea that hotel room costs can be made lower by making the rooms slightly smaller. The aha moment came while he was on board the Oslo ferry. From this concept was born the CABINN Hotels.

Since it is almost always locations inside the city where accommodation costs are highest, CABINN budget hotels are purposely located in in the heart of the city where they are present. The first hotel which opened in 1990 can be found at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. The other hotels are located at Jutland, Aarhus, Aalborg, Esbjerg, Fyn, and Odense. These hotels are just where the thick of the action is, making sure that visitors are nearest to their desired destinations in Denmark.

The main advantage that CABINN hotels offer is that they present inexpensive options of staying in the country for a visit without actually making visitors feel such budget constraint. Checking in at any CABINN hotel while in Denmark leaves more budget for fun and exploration. When travelers are on vacation, they wouldn't want to feel so limited with finances even if such is a fact. Low-budget hotels like CABINN may just be the answer to concerns about high accommodations costs in Denmark.

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