What To Take When Traveling To Denmark?

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Denmark is a wonderful tourist location even though it is one of the smaller countries in Europe. As with any traveling program you need a fair amount of planning to get you through especially if there are significant cultural changes from your own country. In Denmark, you’d be delighted to know there are about 405 islands so the sky (or the ocean) is the limit when it comes to enjoying yourself and witnessing the wonders of nature. However, before you can embark on the perfect holiday, use the following tips to know what to take when packing and planning to go to Denmark

The Bare Essentials

Apart from a reliable booking at a good hotel or available bed and breakfast you need to make sure you’ve got the basics in check. Since we are still in the Covid era make sure you have an ample on-hand supply of masks, wipes, tissues, and anti-bacterial gel. If you can carry a sanitizing spray like Lysol (for disinfecting door knobs and toilet seats), all the better. If you’re using disposable masks make sure you carry several as everything in airports will cost you double. If you’re carrying cloth you need to have a few backups as you’re not likely to be able to wash them. 

Take your usual paperwork like identity card, boarding pass, passport, etc. Remember that you can only stay in Denmark as a tourist for under 3 months. If you live in Europe, your driving license will apply in Denmark but not if you are visiting from somewhere else in the world. Again, if you are a citizen of the European Union you can also get temporary health travel insurance in Denmark for the duration of your stay so make sure you pick up the relevant documents. 

Don’t forget to pack Danish currency, the Krone so that you don’t come up short if you want to purchase food or a bottle of water before you have time to get to a money exchanger. Not to mention your flight could be at night or could get delayed so it’s a good idea to have some money on you just in case. Lastly, don’t forget to bring snacks! Food is incredibly expensive in Denmark and you want to save your money for the main meals of the day so make sure you pack an adequate supply of protein bars, biscuits, kale chips, or any of your favorite snacks. This applies even if you are not a diabetic because traveling always makes one hungry!

Focus On Comfort

Unless you are traveling for a photoshoot, you should aim to be as comfortable as possible so that sightseeing is easy and not cumbersome. Opt for a hard suitcase with a lock for your main luggage and choose a spacious, sturdy backpack to carry all your basics and electronics as well as some snacks. If you’re planning to mostly be on foot and moving around make sure you are packing smartly to ensure minimal weight. This is a good general tip for packing as well as many airlines have specific luggage sizes for passengers to follow like the delta personal item size for Delta airlines. 

Pack a standard set of clothes based on how long your trip will be like sleepwear, sandals, walking shoes, pants, and shirts of light and soft material (this depends on the time of year) but since Denmark is mostly pleasant to cold weather you might want to throw in a summer jacket, maybe a shawl and some socks. 

Pack basic toiletries in small sizes (leave items like body wash if you’re staying at a reasonably good hotel) but don’t forget gadgets like a power bank or a travel hairdryer as you’d be surprised how many hotels don’t provide you with one and you could easily catch a cold. Even if you don’t have any health problems that require specific medication (in that case check beforehand whether those medicines are sold over the counter in Denmark in case of an emergency), you should ideally pack a small first aid kit. 

A first aid kit should have basic band-aids and gauze, disinfectant, pain killers, throat medicines or lozenges, stomach ache and food poisoning meds, muscle soreness patches, contraceptives, and oral rehydration solutions. Your body will be adapting to the new environment so you may get illnesses (in most cases a cold, cough, or diarrhea) as many travelers do and you want to make sure you’re prepared especially if you are traveling with kids. 

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Be Secure

The statistics show a fairly low rate of crime but you should still take precautions from pickpockets and burglars especially if you are staying at an inexpensive hotel or BnB. Buy luggage with locks on it and make sure you are carrying bags like a waist pack so that your valuables like a wallet, phone, or camera are not easily accessible. Some airlines do allow carrying small containers of pepper spray but you need to check with your specific airline before attempting to get that through.

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