Wrestling Champions Who Are Fond of Online Gambling

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Wrestling is one of the popular sporting activities.

Many people all over the world flock to the arenas and others keep glued to their screens to watch their favorite fighters.

It is such an important activity that some people spend a lot of money just to watch a match.

Watching a Wrestling Match

To some the excitement that is derived from watching a wrestling match can be equated to a casino online bonus where the player uses the incentives to play more games and also to improve the chances of winning.

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Just as wrestling is a game that draws attention from people of all walks of life, so is gambling. This is a pastime activity for ordinary people, sportsmen and women including wrestlers.

Victoria Oliveira, an online casino expert attempts to explain the connection between wrestling and online casino games.

She concludes that both activities involve an element of risk.

Wrestling champions risk getting injuries anytime they engage in a fight. For gambling fans, the risk is the money; it can go either way and on can either win or lose.

For wrestling champions who engage in gambling, Victoria says it’s a double risk, activities that give the player great excitement when won.

Several wrestlers engage in online gambling. In this article, we look at some of the wrestling champions who are fond of online gambling.

John Cena

This is a name that comes to many people’s minds whenever WWE is mentioned.

Although he is now more into acting, the wrestling champion is still active in the ring.

John Cena has a great liking for gambling.

In an interview that he did sometimes back, he was quoted saying that he became attracted to casinos and gambling in general when he watched a world series of Poker.

John Cena has also been playing online casino games with his favorite being blackjack.

World wrestling match

Dana White

He doubles up as the president of UFC, an organization that is involved in the management of fighting tournaments.

Apart from his fights and running the fighting activities, the wrestling champion also engages in online gambling.

He has been described as a player who comes to the table well prepared where he only plays in games with high stakes.

This is what the experts describe as knowledge and big money.

He is a great slot blackjack player, sometimes describing himself as a great strategist as far as the game is concerned.

Although he has had his high, White at times has found himself in trouble. He was one time banned from playing the reason given being to reduce his winning chances.

He had made huge winnings that went as far as $ 5 million. He also had been criticized for organizing casino games and matches during the pandemic.

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Jeff Hardy

He has made a great name for himself in the sporting arena, where he has taken part in college football, basketball, and wrestling.

He could not play the three games at the professional level so he ended up selecting wrestling.

Many have said that he made a great choice as he has excelled in the field to an extent where he is not just a household name but also a great fighter.

In his career, he has won more than the WWE championships.

Jeff Hardy like John Cena is a fan of online gambling, he likes playing blackjack slots and poker.

As a person who engages in a game that involves great risks, he is not shy of huge stakes. Like his fellow fighters, he also enjoys watching gambling movies.

Dawn Johnson

Known in the WWE circles as the Rock, Dawn Johnson has been described as the most famous gambler in the wrestling fraternity.

He is known for his greatness in these fields.

Acting where he has played active roles in great movies

  • Production
  • Business
  • Wrestling

Like his counterparts in WWE, The rock has engaged in games such as poker, roulette, craps, and blackjack.

These are among the most popular casino games. They are liked for their engagement and excitement.

Online gambling players like him, are in this for the high stakes and the excitement that the games bring.

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John Morrison

Also known by his nickname as Johnny Blaze, the fighter is also a passionate slot games player.

He is fond of playing blackjack, poker, and roulette among other games. Apart from being a casino games enthusiast, the fighter has made a big name in the wrestling field.

He has won several tournaments. He also wears other caps where he engages in business among other activities.

Final Word

Gambling and wrestling have some common elements, with risk-taking being the most visible.

Wrestlers are into it to win and so are the casino games players. However, the games can go either way, one can win or lose and each outcome has its sheer set of feelings.

Those who win are elated while those on the receiving end get disappointed. Wrestling champions seem to love gambling for the thrill and excitement that it brings.

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