The Higher Education in Denmark: How to Relocate to Copenhagen on Studying

Higher education in Copenhagen Denmark
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As you might know, Denmark is one of the “happiest” countries in the world, according to multiple psychological studies.

Therefore, if you want to study abroad, it must be your primary choice. In addition to the high level of psychological well-being, Denmark has a top-quality education system.

It gives you a chance to pursue a degree in a friendly and innovation-driven environment. For sure, you can have a fun and very enriching experience in this country.

Details about High Education

It’s important to note that education at public universities is absolutely free for students from the European Union or the European Economic Area.

But even if you don’t belong to one of those regions, you can still get a degree for a moderate price. The tuition for international students ranges from 6.000 to 16.000 EUR per year. In fact, this is much more affordable than getting a degree in Canada, Australia or the United States.

If you check some popular university ranks, you’ll see Danish institutions at the top of those lists. Actually, higher education in Denmark is considered to be excellent not only in Europe but in the entire world. 

Some of the best schools known by everyone are the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, and the Technical University of Denmark.

Relocate to Copenhagen on studying

No matter where you come from, you won’t have language problems if you speak English. It’s extremely popular in Denmark and nearly 90% of citizens speak English fluently. Hence, you don’t have to worry about barriers in communication. It would also be great to learn at least basic Danish if you are going to live there. 

Many students who come to study in a foreign country usually experience difficulties. Since it’s a huge stress and they spend a lot of energy on social adaptation, their academic results may suffer.

What to do in this case? Read about the solution below. 

Help with Education in Denmark

If you feel that you can’t deal with all the responsibilities you have after moving to Denmark, you should turn for help. It’s not difficult to get assistance with your studies in the online world.

There are a lot of assignment writing companies that can complete almost any type of home task for you. You can easily place an order on their official website and buy assignments right now, no matter how complicated they are.

Experts from essay companies can complete a paper on any subject, from Economics to Medicine. You just need to provide them with all the necessary details and set a deadline date. Note that such services cost some money, but in general, they are quite affordable for students. 

How to Move to Copenhagen as a Student?

Are you sure that Copenhagen is a perfect place for you to live and study? Then check a step-by-step guide on how to move there.

Learn Legal requirements

If you are from outside the EU, it may be quite difficult for you to get a residency visa. However, there are some schemes developed by the Danish government that allow you to stay in the country for a long period of time.

Life Insurance Denmark

For example, you can apply for temporary residency, which is valid for 5 years. It gives you access to education and ensures the right to work. You can also get a student visa that lasts for one year.

To get more information about the application process, you should check the official websites of Danish government.

Set Up Your Budget 

Life in Denmark is quite expensive, so you should take care about your finances in advance. The best strategy would be to open a bank account in this country.

Since you are going to the expat hub, opening a bank account will be very easy for you as a foreigner. All you need is your photo ID, proof of address and your student status.

The process is quite straightforward, so you won’t spend much time on it. Once you have a bank account, put your savings there to feel more secure in a foreign country. 

Get a Health Insurance

It’s a well-known fact that Denmark has some of the highest quality healthcare systems in the whole world.

Plan your medical cost life insurance denmark

It’s important to note that students who come from outside the EU can get free emergency healthcare only if they have international health insurance.

But EU citizens have the right to get absolutely free healthcare after providing proof of their European Health Insurance Card.

In case you need some supplement care, you will need to pay extra, so hopefully, you have some money in your Danish bank account. 

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