How Does the Level of Education Increase in Denmark

How Does the Level of Education Increase in Denmark
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In the last two decades, Denmark has recorded a significant rise in the number of students graduating from higher education.

Within the Nordic region, Denmark has one of the highest educated populations. The learning environment in the institutions of learning is friendly between teachers, parents, and students.

The government has a compulsory system of education for primary schools and most of them join high school.

National students do not pay tuition fees for bachelor’s degrees and at least 86 percent of students in tertiary institutions receive government scholarships.

Interactive Learning Environment

The government has invested in training teachers to be creative and use interactive methods of teaching. Outside the classroom, it’s possible to see a student/pupil chat and laugh freely without one fearing the other.

Interactive Learning Environment in Denmark

Their system of teaching is different compared to most parts of the world. Teachers make education playful by engaging students in outdoor activities often.

Instead of confining students into a classroom for many hours, they do short classroom lessons and take several breaks in between. The breaks are used to give practical teaching to the students.

This ensures the teachers do not get stressed by teaching and students look forward to the next lesson the next day. The system helps retain more learners in the education system.

National students do not pay tuition fees for bachelor’s degrees and at least 86 percent of students in tertiary institutions receive government scholarships. Students reading this – have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish someone could do my history homework so I’ll have more free time!” Look no further; free up your schedule for more important tasks. Now, let’s get into the article.

Help with Education

Many factors might contribute to the various hardships students go through when pursuing education. Some of the hardships might be a lack of time for studying or doing assignments. Another hardship could be a lack of moral or financial support.

Denmark’s government has invested in education to support students going through its education system. To overcome assignment challenges, you can get professional help online.

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Enhanced Security

If you are a visitor in Denmark, the first thing you might notice is the safe environment Danes live in.

parents don’t need to escort their kids to school or wait at the gate to pick them after school. It’s possible to see young kids walk or ride bikes to school and no one will bother them.

Copenhagen cycling city rules

Every citizen is mindful of the security of each other and this kind of environment promotes better learning conditions. Every parent will feel at peace to release their young kids to school as they go about their daily business.

Free Education Policy

Denmark’s government has created policies that attract a large student population in schools. For the first nine years or the primary school level, education is compulsory for every Danish child.

After that, they transition to high school and universities.

A few years ago, the Danish government abolished tuition fees up to the bachelor’s degree level for national students. That means a student can join primary school education and rise to an undergraduate degree without paying a tuition fee.

A lot of students in many countries drop out of school due to lack of tuition fees but in Denmark, the situation is different. This is one of the reasons why education in this Nordic nation continues to grow.

High-level Public Scholarships

Students drop from college due to a growing financial burden that they can no longer bear.

In Denmark, students joining tertiary institutions receive a lot of support from the government. At least 86 percent of students receive scholarships and another percentage receive grants or loans from the government.

This helps more students to join tertiary institutions and the population of educated Danes continues growing each year.

Huge Government Investment in Education

The Danish government invests a lot of money in the education sector.

Relocate to Copenhagen on studying

The latest statistics show the annual investment per student in Denmark stands at $12,293 between primary to tertiary education. This figure is the highest in the entire OECD region.

The government has also invested heavily in teaching staff training and remuneration. There is another chunk of investment in research and student welfare funds.

Statistics show Denmark spent 5.2 percent of its GDP on education in 2018.


Within the last two decades, the level of education in Denmark has consistently grown, unlike in other Nordic and OECD regions. The main contributing factor are enhanced security by the government.

There is a vibrant teacher-parent-student relationship and the government has invested heavily in education. Between primary to bachelor’s degrees, tuition is free and students get scholarships to join tertiary institutions. Teachers get quality training and reasonable remuneration to keep them motivated to teach.

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