Top 7 Ways To Make Show-Stopper Travel Videos Of Your Family Tours

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Family trips allow you to share blissful moments with people who matter the most to you. The joyful memories can be preserved forever with travel videos that you can cherish for a lifetime and share with friends.

To create showstopper videos that can draw applause from viewers and can inspire wanderlust in others, you need to follow some proven tips.

Next time you plan a trip to an exotic location with your family, ensure you are better equipped to capture spellbinding videos that will awe others.

Steps To Get Your Family Trip Video Into the Limelight

If you have packed your bags and are wondering which places you would explore first at the vacation spot, spare a moment to plan how to capture stunning videos.


Below, you will get some crucial insights to immortalize your vacation with videos that will boldly describe your vacation mood. Plan accordingly.

1. Choose a Good Video Capturing Device

You can film your vacation moments with your regular smartphone. However, the footage won’t come crisp and visually compelling.

Consider buying a high-definition camcorder or DSLR to make your video appear more professional. The camera lens also makes breath-taking transitions seamless.

An action camera is ideal if you engage in adventurism during the tour, as it can endure harsh conditions better. Consider carrying a drone camera for capturing aerial footage if your budget and baggage space permit it.

2. Build A Story Around Your Video

Your video will emit vibes that audiences can resonate with if you weave your footage around a story. It will engage audiences and spark their curiosity better.

If you had been to the vacation place earlier, you might showcase some old images to show the connection with your present decision.

How to control teenager travels USA Europe

Use a friendly voiceover to tell viewers about your motivations and interests related to the place.

The flow of the video should also adhere to a storyline. It will prevent distractive digressing and hold the interest of viewers.

3. Shoot Scenes Mindfully

The smile that would play on the faces of your loved ones during the trip would tempt you to capture every happy moment. However, it would be burdensome to edit lengthy footage later on. Choose the moments to capture wisely.

Think from the perspective of a viewer. If you were in the shoes of an onlooker, which moments would fill you with emotional warmth or evoke fond memories, and which scenes can appear drab?

Further, if you spend all the time shooting, you may not get time to enjoy the vacation with your family.

4. Include Eye-Popping Spectacles to Take Your Video to the Next Level

Family vacation video is not only about capturing romantic or loving moments with your close ones. If variation were missing from the scenes, boredom would set in.

To drive that away, capture mesmerizing shots of famous attractions of the place you are visiting from different perspectives.

Shoot the scenes so viewers can get comprehensive insights into the details that may be missing in standard videos.

Include Eye-Popping Spectacles to Take Your Video to the Next Level

For example, when you visit a beach, you can shoot the sun rising majestically on the horizon with the roaring waters of the ocean trying to lap the red ball.

Give glimpses of untamed nature and capture the excitement and apprehension building in tourists trying to spot wild animals showing up infrequently. If you are mounting a cliff, use the action camera to highlight awe-inspiring views from the top.

Whatever you do, you must focus on what your viewers like to watch. Breaking the monotony is essential, so you should use the best online video editor tool to enhance the aesthetics and atmospherics of the video to make it more visually appealing.

Don’t be under the impression that whatever you would capture in the video will be automatically liked by your audiences. Be creative and display a passion for giving optimal viewing experience to audiences.

5. Share Others' Feelings

Add a personal touch to the video by asking your family members to share how they are feeling and what things they like the most.

Happy people in Denmark

If you are enjoying gourmet cuisine in a local restaurant, for example, you can ask your children about the things tickling their taste buds or the savory dishes that make them drool.

Suppose you are vacationing in a place where the culture and approaches of the people are entirely different from yours.

In That Case – You can consider taking short interviews with entities like café owners, local police officers, etc. Their peculiar language and behavioral patterns would make more viewers commit attention to your video.

6. Add Vividity to Your Video

Viewers want to be entertained while watching your video.

To sustain their interest, you need to offer an immersive experience with some exotic shots that can add diversity and vividness to your shots. Your flair for creativity should be clearly visible.

Focus on those places or moments your viewers are usually not accustomed to seeing in normal videos.

Add Vividity to Your Video

You can, for example, hire an underwater camera and capture colorful shots of the variegated congregation of fishes gliding by.

Give wow moments to your viewers to make them watch your video till the end.

Optimize the capabilities of a good online video editor to breathe magnetism into your footage. You may use stop-motion or time-lapse type shots with eye-catching transitions and animations to keep viewers glued to their screens.

7. Capture Fun Moments Abundantly to Showcase Your Family Bonding

Viewers usually like to watch family vacation videos to enjoy the tender bonding the members of a family share with each other.

They want to laugh with you or feel sorrow empathically when something unpleasant happens.

frederiksberg copenhagen young family

Taking this cue, try to capture family fun moments optimally in your video. The love and warmth characterizing your relationship must get reflected.

For Example – If you are hiking a mountain trail, show how each member is holding the hands of the other, humming lilting tunes, or uttering motivational words to complete the adventure despite being exhausted.

The care and attentiveness for others are the hallmarks of a great family video.


You can create absorbing videos of your family vacation and make them go viral on social media only if you prioritize the feelings of your viewers. Engage your audiences maximally by making the video tantalizing so that audiences will wait for the next scene to appear with bated breath.

Never compromise on diversity but don’t go overboard with creativity. You may watch viral travel videos of other bloggers to understand the editing and footage capturing that have made those videos such a big hit. You should not shy away from experimenting because audiences like to watch something quirky that can give them pleasant visual jolts.

Capture every shot with love and care as your posterior may watch the videos after a long time and marvel at the good moments you have spent. Be confident and hold your camera still while shooting or place it on a stable stand so that shots are not distorted.

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