Naerum Allotment Gardens Denmark: Interesting Facts Few People Know

Allotment gardens in Denmark
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In Denmark, one of the symbols of blue collar culture is the Naerum allotment gardens. This is one of the interesting things about the Danes that really show how much they care about their fellow countrymen and women!

Most people in this day and age believe that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, which then brings them to cities.

In Denmark, people who come to the city from the country and are used to growing their own food can rent a little patch of land and grow some vegetables or just enjoy the outdoor space.

In Copenhagen, this sort of initiative is led by an association called “Arbejdernes Værn” (lit. “The Worker’s Protection”) in Copenhagen.

What Are Naerum Allotment Gardens?

The strikingly beautiful oval shape of these traditional allotments in Naerum Copenhagen were designed by award-winning danish landscape architect Søren Carl Theodor Marius Sørensen.

Set up in 1948 with the purchase of 40 circular-shaped gardens, Sørensen gave some prescriptive guidance about the surrounding hedges Denmark's citizens could grow, and some loose advice about the appearance of the gardens.

Naerum allotment gardens in Denmark

However, he wanted this to be taken as a guide, not a mandate. The result is a beautiful set of visually appealing oval gardens, each with their own individual charm.

The Sørensen Nærum allotment gardens are one of several circle neighborhoods in Denmark (the Brøndby Haveby community being another fantastic example).

Importance of the Allotment Garden in Denmark

Vegetables from the round gardens in Denmark became an important food supply during the first World War. The number of visually appealing allotment gardens grew and were estimated to be about sixty-two thousand in 2001.

Most of the oval gardens are on land owned by the municipality which rents the land to the allotment association. The association in turn gives each member a plot of land.

The membership fee is significantly below what a market price would be so that all kinds of people can get it.

The visually appealing allotment gardens are located on attractive plots, which is why they usually have huge waiting lists of locals aching to get a slice of the pie.

Average Naerum Allotment Gardens Size

Located on a well tended flat lawn in Naerum Denmark, each of these Copenhagen circle houses and community gardens sits on a plot of around 25 meters by 15 meters.

Within each plot, the owners were given free choice as to where to place their garden houses.

About The Denmark Oval Gardens Architect – Carl Theodor Sorensen

Sorensen is considered to be Denmark’s top landscape architect and planner. Born in 1893 in Hamburg, Germany, he contributed to the design of some of the earliest adventure playgrounds for kids.

His works can be seen all over Denmark, including at the Aarhus University Park and the Kogenhus Memorial Park.

His love of geometrical shapes shines through in many of his landscape designs, including at the Naerum Denmark allotments.

Everyday Living In The Round Gardens Denmark

If you look at an aerial picture of the Copenhagen circular suburbs in Naerum you will notice the access road does not lead to every house.

Allotment gardens tips

This was an intentional design of Sorensen. He wanted the community to engage with each other more, to walk between homes and the access roads, get more fresh air, and get to know their neighbors.

On a Sunday in particular the area is teeming with live, children playing, retired people chatting and picnics being enjoyed by all.

How Hard Is It To Maintain Copenhagen Denmark Round Houses and Gardens?

Those lucky enough to have access to an allotment in this fabulous area have to maintain their surrounding hedges well.

This helps keep the uniformity of the shape of all the community gardens. However, owners do have a free reign – they can keep the hedges clipped short – which takes much more effort and more cutting in the summer – or let them grow a little looser.

This adds to the pleasant and relaxed vibe in the oval gardens.

Where You Can Find Circle Neighborhoods Beside Denmark?

The Nærum allotment gardens and the Brøndby Haveby are two Copenhagen circular suburbs that add charm and practical benefits to the community.

There are other examples of circle neighborhoods around the world, many of which are not as pleasant.

Check out this heavy use area in St Petersburg, Florida US, which has been designed in a circle shape, or Sun City in Arizona.

How To Build An Allotment – How Hard Is It?

You might think that getting on the waiting list and eventually getting an allotment in Denmark is hard enough, but that is just the beginning.

Circle neighborhoods in Copenhagen Denmark

Creating a visually appealing oval gardens and maintaining it throughout the year will require a significant amount of time, especially if you are looking to build a sustainable garden that yields fruit and vegetables year round.

For the beginner, we recommend you to take advice from the site manager and neighbors. You should also however read up on allotment planning.

There are plenty of guides available online, such as this one from the UK based Gardeners World.

How To Get To Nærum Allotment Gardens North?

You can visit the Copenhagen Denmark round houses when you visit Denmark. The gardens are about 30 minutes north of the city center depending on the traffic.

By public transport it is also possible – you would need to take the train from Central Station to Ryparken, then change trains to Naerum Street, finally walking 15 minutes. The Copenhagen Circle Houses are located at Nærum Denmark gårdsvej 73.

Are There Any Copenhagen Circle Houses For Sale

You will have to get on a long waiting list for one of the Copenhagen circular suburbs houses. All we can say is that we wish you the best of luck!

FAQs About Copenhagen Denmark Circle Homes

Which countries have allotment gardens like Denmark?

Allotment gardens are popular throughout Europe, especially in cities and countries where residents live in high rise apartments. Germany has a strong allotment garden tradition, as does the United Kingdom.

How much does it cost to have an allotment garden in Copenhagen?

The allotment is allocated by the community and in a bid to keep accessibility to everyone the prices are generally far below market value for similar plots on the commercial market.

Can Naerum allotment gardens in Denmark be privately owned?

Generally no, the allotments are allocated by the community who in turn rents it from the state.

Final Words about Round Gardens

The Copenhagen Denmark round houses of Naerum are certainly a head-turner. If you have a chance to visit them when you are in the city then do so.

If anything, they will give you inspiration for your own oval garden back home! However, if you are only in Denmark for a few days or a weekend then you may need to remain a little more central.

Check out the main things to do in Copenhagen on a city break in our guides so you can plan your trip.

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