At the heart of Copenhagen’s pedestrian friendly and longest shopping street of Stroget is the popular meeting place of Amagertorv. It is also one of the oldest squares in the city, the site of a fish market in the 15th century and a venue for festivals and friendly jousts during the 16th and 17th centuries. It was also around this period when Dutch Renaissance houses were built around the square and gave the area a respectable character. Amagertorv got its name from the farmers of Amager Island who sold their goods in the square.
Today Amagertorv is no longer known as a “Fishmonger’s Market” but as a lively square bustling with pedestrian traffic who come for the shops, eateries or just to hang out. At the center of the square is the 19th century bronze sculpture of the Stork Fountain which is a popular landmark in the area. Another popular monument is the status of Bishop Absalon who founded the city of Copenhagen. Attractions include the Georg Jensen Museum which displays handicraft products made in silver by Danish artists from the turn of the 20th century. Nearby is the Georg Jensen Silver shop known for its exquisite Danish silver jewellery and flatware, another popular stop for tourists. Amagertorv is also widely known for its shops that specialize in traditional Danish porcelain as well as . And for those refreshing stops, there are eateries and coffeeshops like the Baresso Hojbro Plads, Mama Rosa, Café Europa, The Dubliner and The Royal Café.

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