Dyrehaven: The Place for Nature Trips and Rollercoasters

Normally rollercoasters and nature don’t go hand in hand, but in the forest of Dyrehaven, just a few minutes off central Copenhagen, you’ll find not only a nature park but an amusement park as well.

Dyrehaven is designated as a natural forest boasting of huge ancient oak trees and a sizeable population of deer. Locals like to take walks and hang around in the public deer park called Jægersborg Dyrehave. The Deer Park is off limits to cars, which means you have to walk to get there or go the more fun route by riding a horse-drawn carriage.

If a quiet day in the beautiful nature park, deer watching and visiting a small hunting palace is not the enough excitement for you, you can head to Bakken, an amusement park within walking distance from the park.

Bakken is unique not only because it is situated right in front of a protected forest, but also boasts of being the world’s oldest amusement park still in operation. Don’t expect to find rickety rides at the park though, because Bakken has plenty of modern rides and endless attractions to enjoy. And like any self-respecting amusement park, its rollercoasters are a thing of pride. What’s great about Bakken is that while rides charge a fee, those on a budget can still have a good time with free entertainment around the park all day long, from performances on the open-air stage to live music right in the streets, and the famous “Pierrot the Clown” doing his antics for free.

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