International Viking Market

If you are into Vikings, you might want to check out the International Viking Market on May 2-8, 2016 in the VikingeCenter, which is located in Ribe, a Danish town in southwest Jutland.  This is an event where you can have the ultimate Viking experience.  More than 500 Vikings from all over Europe flock to this event.  You will be amazed by the authenticity of the market atmosphere.  It takes you back to what it would have been like in Ribe 1300 years ago.  You will feel like you traveled back in time.

People can see how the Vikings lived and worked.  There will be a wide variety of stalls where a good trade can be done at the marketplace.   To make things even more exciting, there are battle re-enactments, racing, and archery displays scheduled on those days. 

People can also see how the Vikings create their arts and crafts.  They can find out how to weave and how jewelry, glass beads, leather pouches, shoes, clothes, pottery, wooden objects, drinking horns, helmets and toys for the young Vikings are made. They can even see blacksmiths make arrowheads and knives.  It is a remarkable experience. 

Not only that, they can also gaze upon the simplest and finest kitchens where Vikings cooked their food over fired, baked flat bread, and cook porridge and soup in large, block pots.  As they go around, they can also listen to the merry sounds of the musicians who will surely catch their attention. 

What’s more, a Viking Village is nothing without its horses so people can also meet Viking’s horses and the Icelandic horse at the Viking’s market.  They can even see a tough little race where all five differently paced horses take part in during the riding displays.



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