Sail with Denmark’s Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum located at Roskilde is one very unique attraction of Denmark. It is the Danish National Museum for ships, seafaring, and boatbuilding particularly those associated with the prehistoric and medieval periods. The oldest part of the museum which is the Viking Ship Hall, opened in 1969 to feature five Viking ships found at Skuldelev. These ships ae believed to have been deliberately sunk to form a blockage that was intended to protect Roskilde from enemy attack attempted from the sea.

These ships serving various purposes such as cargo or war facilities were excavated in 1962. They were soon joined by other discovered ships which gave way for the expansion of the museum. A 36-meter long Viking warship is one of the most popular finds housed in this museum.

There are many activities offered to museum visitors to ensure that they get to enjoy the Viking Ship Museum facilities. Rides in traditional Nordic boats are available where all passengers are asked to do sailor work like rowing, setting the sail, and manning the rudder. An experienced sailing instructor takes charge of leading each boat. All children must be accompanied by adults although those aged below 4 years are not allowed to go on board. 

The Boat Builder Workshop held at the boatyard of the museum allows visitors to try their Viking tools skills, weaving willow, or cutting their own own wooden designs. Special activities like “Meet the Craftsman” offer opportunities to see real blacksmiths and woodcarvers showing their extraordinary skills. It is worth noting that all maritime archaeological finds in Denmark are collected in the museum archives.


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