For two weeks each summer Copenhagen celebrates its annual jazz festival, attracting a fantastic line-up of international performers.

The Copenhagen Jazz Festivak programme offers daily concerts, with performances taking place just about anywhere – from intimate clubs to concert halls, parks, shopping malls and boats, featuring anything from experimental Scandinavian artists to international superstars.

Since the event first took place in 1979, it has expanded to invade every corner of the city, including the old Helgoland bathing pier, the Frederiksberg Garden, the charming Konsistoriegårde courtyard and Christiania.

Did you know that …

  • The first Copenhagen Jazz Festival was held in Copenhagen in 1979.
  • The Copenhagen Jazz Festival always starts the first Friday in July and lasts for 10 days.
  • The 2009 festival poster was created by artist Tal R.
  • The Copenhagen Jazz Festival attracts each year over 80,000 guests, over 35,000 of them from outside of Denmark. This adds up to over 9,000 hotel nights.
  • The average tourist to the Copenhagen Jazz Festival spends $180 per day.

In 2009, sponsored two trips to the Copenhagen Jazz Festival for the winners on the Jazz Weekend blogger competition. Read the winner’s trip report. What will come up with for the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2010?

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