A Beach Adventure at Denmark’s Whiskey Belt

Whiskey Belt is the nickname for the narrow strip of beaches, forests, pleasure gardens and villas that dot the 25 miles of coastline from Copenhagen’s north to Hamlet’s castle of Kronborg in Elsinore. Also known as the gold coast, this is where you will find the country’s best beaches, luxury villas, pleasure gardens and thick forests. The Whiskey Belt can easily be reached by travelers via Copenhagen’s mass transit system called the S-train.

This long and narrow stretch of coastline is named “Whiskey Belt” because of the belief that the well-off residents of Denmark who live in the area want a tipple of whiskey. They say that while beer is popular in Copenhagen, whiskey is the more preferred drink in the north.

But if you think that it’s all sand and water you’ll see here, think again. Several attractions are awaiting travelers to this Whiskey Belt. Other than the beach road they call the Daisy Route, there’s also the Bellevue Beach Resort which boasts of stylish and modern architecture from inside and out.

Just north of Copenhagen, stop for a lunch break at the Strandmoeller Kroen restaurant, built on the site of a 500-year-old paper mill. This is a favorite with city folk looking for a quaint taste of country.

The Deer Park or Dyrehaven is found behind the beach and has thick forests with towering oak trees. A former hunting ground, this place now has some 2,000 deers. Inside the park is also the Bakken Amusement Park featuring more than 100 rides, food stalls, bars and restaurants.

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is not to be missed. This has one of the world’s extensive art collections.

Also in the area is the Karen Blixen Museum amid a 40-acre park. The former home of the famous “Out of Africa” author, this has become a popular bird sanctuary as well. 

Finally,never miss out on the Renaissance castle of Kronborg in Helsingor which inspired Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet.”

The best time to visit the Whiskey Belt is mid June through late August, when the weather (and beach life) is at is best. Out of season it’s still a pleasure to visit – with the benefit of less crowds.

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