Bon Bon LandBon Bon Land is nothing like any other theme amusement park that you will probably ever visit. Some people have called it different, weird, fun, and just plain crazy place to visit. The one thing that they all came away with though was a very interesting time at a theme amusement park that is something that you will not see anywhere else.

Most theme parks in the Bon Bon Land are designed around certain things such as a character or theme, but Bon Bon Land creators wanted to be a little different and they did with this creation.  You will be entertained with such rides as the Vild-Svinet, which is a wild boar ride, as well as the Baever Rafting. All the characters and rides that you will see in this park have a twist usually on a character, but usually not in a very flattering way. Bon Bon Land  requires a sense of humour or you could be offended. Keep an open mind and you will love Bon Bon Land.

It does have over 60 rides and attractions for you to take in. Many of the rides you have probably enjoyed at other parks they just have a twist at this park, which in the end make them even more enjoyable. You can also attend many different shows as well during your visit to Bon Bon Land as well. From a Land Circus to almost any kind of entertainment it will be fun for everyone. I would be re-missed if I did not mention all the great food and eateries along your route. It has many different kinds of restaurants and you should have no problem finding something great to eat. All in all Bon Bon Land is different from what you would expect from a theme type amusement park, but that is what makes this place special. If you are in Denmark give Bon Bon Land park a try and see what I am talking about. It is one of a kind that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

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